Oxford Nanopore MinION Access Program Opens Today and a Few FAQs Answered by Nanopore

Oxford-Nanopore-MinION Access Program Open

Oxford-Nanopore-MinION Access Program Open

If you want to play with Oxford Nanopore’s MinION, Oxford Nanopore is opening up the registration for its MinION Access Programme (MAP) starting from today, 25th November 2013. The registration will be open till unspecified date in early 2014. Oxford Nanopore’s MAP asks for a refundable deposit of $1,000 and offers researchers to try out their MinION, its portable device for sequencing single DNA molecules.

Want to learn more about Oxford Nanopore’s MioION, watch the videos from Oxford Nanopore uploaded just before ASHG 2013 from Nanopore’s channel on Vimeo.

An introduction to MinION from Oxford Nanopore on Vimeo.

DNA Sequencing using MinION and GridION from Oxford Nanopore on Vimeo.

Oxford Nanopore also updated its website with answers for frequently asked questions like what is the the throughput, run time, read length for the customers of MinION. Here are the few questions and answers from Oxford Nanopore website.

What is the throughput of the GridION and MinION system?

The GridION system is designed to be scalable. An individual unit, a node, is designed to work alone as a benchtop instrument or in conjunction with other nodes to provide a faster result/more power.

Throughput is influenced by multiple factors including how fast the DNA is processed through each nanopore and the number of simultaneous nanopore experiments per array chip. Through combining many factors the first generation commercial system is designed to achieve tens of Gb per day. The system does not have a fixed run time; users may choose to run for minutes or days according to the experimental need. This is using a cartridge that performs 2,000 nanopore experiments at one time; an additional configuration is in development that performs 8,000 nanopore experiments. Further projects are underway to develop higher-throughput systems beyond these.

The MinION system is a miniaturised, disposable device designed to conduct hundreds of nanopore experiments at one time with a total available run time of hours.

What is the run time?

There is no fixed run time; the system may be run for a short or long period of time according to the experimental need.

Because full length read data is streamed in real-time, it may be analysed in real-time. Primary analyses are performed locally on each node and the secondary analyses may be run in parallel on the user’s network. MinIONs and GridION nodes can therefore be Run Until… sufficient data has been collected to answer the experimental question. More.

What read lengths does the system give?

The system processed the lengths of DNA that are presented to it rather than ‘generating’ a read length. It is designed to process very long read lengths; tens of kb in a single read of a sense and antisense strand of a single genome, using a hairpin sample prep.

How much will GridION and MinION systems cost?

Pricing structures for GridION technology will be different from conventional systems. It will be available in packages that include nodes and consumable cartridges. These packages will be designed to suit customers with different needs and different budgeting considerations. For example some customers may have a more substantial capital expenditure budget and some may have more freedom around consumable consumption; pricing will be designed so that both types of customer are able to access the system.

For those considering the minimum resources that may be needed to acquire and operate a GridION system, they may assume that at the time of commercial launch this will be lower than other commercially available systems on an absolute level and that the cost per base will also be lower than other systems. The system is modular so customers may add nodes to their installation. No accompanying server will be needed as each node contains the required local computing hardware.

Pricing will be transparent and orders will be taken and fulfilled through an online portal. Larger packages will be subject to transparent discounts. A single MinION device is expected to retail at under $900

Will I need to purchase any additional kit to run a GridION system?

GridION nodes are fitted with local computing hardware; you will not need to purchase a dedicated server for the system

Sample preparation will be simple; no library preparation is required and double-stranded DNA is needed to present to the system. MinION devices will be operable directly with a PC/laptop.


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