Top N Genome Scientists to Follow on Twitter: 2013 Edition

It has been more than a year since posting Top N Genome Scientists to Follow in Twitter.  That was an effort from a twitter newbie wanting to compile a list of genome academic scientists to follow.  No doubt, it was woefully inadequate, a biased list, and badly in need of update all this time. Here is an attempt to update the list.

A few key differences. The earlier list contained just 15 people and now it has little over 4o genome scientists under multiple categories, like Professors, Postdocs, and Computational Biologists. Hurray! Most new additions in the lists are professors at various levels. And the previous list focused on academicians on tenure track, but the new list has computational biologists/bioinformaticians, one of the most useful breeds in genomics.

The way it is listed now is with the 15 scientists who were in the earlier list followed by new scientists. For the genome scientists who were part of the last list, both the current and previous tweet stats are given.

If you are an upcoming researcher in genomics, it is a great time to be on twitter and follow these awesome scientists. Repeating the earlier thought on the benefits of Twitter,

Twitter has enabled real time scientific conversations, be it “WES vs. WGS in human genetics” or catching up with conference talks.

Before Twitter, these conversations were available only during happy hours in the academic corridors or at conferences. Thanks to Twitter, now they are out in the open.

Disclaimer: It is yet another biased list using similar approach as before (sorted based on the followers), missing very many interesting people inadvertently.  Please feel free to add any missing genomics tweeters.

Eric Topol @EricTopol

Twitter Bio: Cardiologist, geneticist, digital medicine aficionado, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine La Jolla, CA ·


  • Tweets: over 3,700
  • Followers: over 30,000
  • Following: over 270

Then: Tweets: over 2000; Followers: over 8000; Following: over 300

Jonathan Eisen @phylogenomics

Twitter Bio: Biologist & blogger w/ #evolution #microbes & #genomes focus; #openaccess & @plosbiology advocate; @harvard @stanford alum; prankster; cyclist & Prof. @ucdavis


  • Tweets : over 34,900
  • Followers: over 19,800
  • Following: over 2800

Then: Tweets: over 23000; Followers: over 11000; Following: over 2100

Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

Twitter Bio:  Assistant Professor at @broadinstitute and @MassGeneral working on extracting useful information from absurdly large DNA sequence data-sets. Boston, USA ·


  • Tweets: over 12,000
  • Followers: over 11,000
  • Following: over 630

Then: Tweets: over 7800; Followers: over 6400; Following: over 500

Simply Statistics @simplystats

Twitter Bio: Simply Statistics blog by Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafael Irizarry. Home to statistics; data; science; and Rafa’s Rants.


  • Tweets: over 1,200
  • Followers: over 9,900
  • Following: over 209

Then: Tweets: over 500; Followers: over 2600; Following: over 160

Chris Gunter @girlscientist

Twitter Bio: Geneticist; editor; writer; science communicator; nonprofit strategist. Owner, Girlscientist Consulting. Reviews editor, Genome Research. Atlanta ·

Tweets: over 14,000; Followers: over 7900; Following: over 1295
Then: Tweets: over 9000; Followers: over 5000; Following: over 900

Leonid Kruglyak: @leonidkruglyak

Twitter Bio:  Geneticist. Professor @UCLA. Math and statistics junkie. Occasional mountaineer. Analyzing large datasets since long before Big Data became cool. SoCal

Tweets: over 18000; Followers: over 6200; Following: over 790
Then: Tweets: over 11000; Followers: over 2400; Following: over 600

Michael Eisen @mbeisen

Biologist at UC Berkeley & HHMI; open access advocate and co-founder of Public Library of Science Berkeley, CA ·

Tweets: over 13,500; Followers: over 7500; Following: over 1500
Then: Tweets: over 4000; Followers: over 2300; Following: over 400

Stephen Turner @genetics_blog

Twitter Bio:  #Bioinformatics Core Director at @UVA. Blogger at , biologist, statistician, patent agent, brewer, runner, guitar noise-maker. Charlottesville, VA ·

Tweets: over 5900; Followers: over 5100; Following: over 270
Then: Tweets: over 3000; Followers: over 2200; Following: over 200

Nick Loman @pathogenomenick

Twitter Bio: Bacterial (meta) genomes, high-throughput sequencing and clinical applications thereof. Birmingham, UK ·

Tweets: over 14000; Followers: over 4300; Following: over 570
Then: Tweets: over 6000; Followers: over 1800;Following: over 300

Titus Brown @ctitusbrown

Twitter Bio: So interdisciplinary I occasionally risk being relevant. I absolutely do not speak for Michigan State University in any way, shape, or form. A secure, hidden bunker. ·

Tweets: over 15,000; Followers: over 3100; Following: over 90
Then: Tweets: over 2979; Followers: over 1180; Following: over 29

Paul Knoepfler @pknoepfler

Twitter Bio:  Cancer & Stem Cell Researcher, Cancer Survivor, Assoc Prof. UC Davis, Author of Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, Blogger & Stem Cell Research Advocate, Reedie

Tweets: over 4600; Followers: over 2500; Following: over 650
Then: Tweets: over 1900; Followers: over 1010; Following: over 450

Ethan Perlstein @eperlste

Evolutionary Pharmacologist, Open Scientist, Self Publisher. My lab gives antidepressants and other psych drugs to yeast cells. NYC ·

Tweets: over 22,000; Followers: over 3,200; Following: over 380
Then: Tweets: over 6600; Followers: over 700; Following: over 190

Joe Pickrell @joe_pickrell

Twitter Bio:Postdoctoral fellow studying human genetics, Harvard Medical School.

Tweets: over 3,200; Followers: over 2,100; Following: over 240
Then: Tweets: over 1200; Followers: over 600; Following: over 120

Michael Hoffman @michaelhoffman

Twitter Bio: Computational genomicist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto Toronto ·

Tweets: over 8700; Followers: over 1600; Following: over 1000
Then: Tweets: over 6700; Followers: over 800; Following: over 600

Jason H. Moore @moorejh

Third Century Professor, Director of  at Dartmouth College, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Genomics, Epistasis, Complexity, BigData. Hanover, NH, USA ·

Tweets: over 17,000; Followers: over 5,100; Following: 1400 over

Ewan Birney @ewanbirney

Twitter Bio: Ewan Birney is Associate Director at the EMBL-EBI (with a sideline in genomics research). I have an insatiable love of biology and rarely don’t have an opinion
EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge ·…

Tweets: over 4,000; Followers: over 4,600; Following: over 450

Kevin Mitchell @WiringTheBrain

I am a neurogeneticist interested in the genetics of brain wiring and its contribution to variation in human faculties. Dublin ·

Tweets: over 10,000; Followers: over 4,000; Following: over 690

Atul Butte @atulbutte

Twitter Bio: Physician scientist and entrepreneur. Chief and Associate Professor of Systems Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Tweets: over 2,400; Followers: over 3400; Following: over 1000

Mick Watson @BioMickWatson

Twitter Bio: Genomicist / Bioinformatician, Director of ARK-Genomics, a high-throughput facility at The Roslin Institute. Tweets are my own. Edinburgh ·

Tweets: over 12,600; Followers: over 2500; Following: over 800

Michael Schatz @mike_schatz

Twitter Bio: Computer Scientist and Computational Biologist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory CSHL, NY ·

Tweets: over 1000; Followers: over 1500; Following: over 240

Casey Bergman @caseybergman

Twitter Bio: Everyman, Worrier, Information Junkie, Yankunian, Drosophilista, Open Science Advocate, @FlyJedi, Principal Investigator of @bergmanlab, curator of @fly_papers. Manchester, UK ·

Tweets: over 7,600; Followers: over 1,500; Following: over 650

Carlos Bustamante @cdbustamante

Twitter Bio: Population geneticist and Professor at Stanford Stanford, CA ·

Tweets: over 500; Followers: over 1,400; Following: over 90

Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon 

Twitter Bio: Gholson J. Lyon, M.D., Ph.D., is Assistant Professor in Human Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. New York City ·

Tweets: over 7600; Followers: over 1400; Following: over 1300

Richard E. Lenski @RELenski

Twitter Bio: Evolving better E. coli for over 50,000 generations, professor at Michigan State University — though opinions tweeted are my own. Past, present, and future ·

Tweets: over 700; Followers: over 1300; Following: over 390

Aaron Quinlan @aaronquinlan

Twitter Bio: I lead a computational genomics lab at the Univ. of Virginia. We use algorithms and data mining to understand genome biology and the genetic basis of traits. Charlottesville, Virginia ·

Tweets: over 2,800; Followers: over 1,200; Following: over 390

Yaniv erlich @erlichya

Twitter Bio: I am running a lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research that focuses on computational human genetics. Cambridge, MA, USA ·

Tweets: Over 970, Followers: Over 1100, Following: Over 180

Lex Nederbragt @lexnederbragt 

Twitter Bio: Husband, father of two, biologist, bioinformatician, researcher, Dutchman. Views expressed here are my own. An RT does not necessarily mean endorsement. Oslo ·

Tweets: over 8,400; Followers: over 1100;Following: over 200

Graham Coop @Graham_Coop

Twitter Bio: evolutionary and population genetics at UC Davis. Also tweet about preprints through @haldanessieve

Tweets: Over 5400, Followers: over 1,100, Following over: 500

Deanna Church @deannachurch

Twitter Bio: Interested in genomics, genetics, variation, climate change, rugby and sports in general. Views expressed here are my own and not those of my employer. Silver Spring,MD ·

Tweets: Over 3,400, Followers: Over 1000, Following: Over 280

Leslie Vosshall @pollyp1

Twitter Bio: NYC smell neurobiologist. New York, NY USA ·

Tweets: Over 1,700, Followers: Over 1000, Following: Over 200

Jared Simpson @jaredtsimpson

Twitter Bio: Computational Biologist, Fellow at OICR

Tweets: Over 600, Followers: Over 1000, Following: Over 700

Olivier Elemento @ElementoLab 

Twitter Bio: Latest news, updates, links from Olivier Elemento’s Laboratory of Cancer Systems Biology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. New York city ·…

Tweets: Over 3600, Followers: Over 700: Following: Over 300

Mark Gerstein @markgerstein

Twitter Bio: Bioinformatics Professor, interested in Data Science, with Photography, Cycling & History as hobbies Yale ·

Tweets: Over 1700, Followers: Over 700, Following: Over 260

David Mittelman @evolvability

Twitter Bio: I don’t always sequence genomes, but when I do… Mittelman Lab ·

Tweets: over 4,600; Followers: over 660; Following: over 110

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra @jrossibarra

Twitter Bio: evolutionary genetics of maize and teosinte. erstwhile ethnobotanist. consumer of bad puns. UC Davis ·

Tweets: over 2,900; Followers: over 560; Following: over 300

Lior Pachter @lpachter

Twitter Bio: Computational Biologist; Blog at

Tweets: over 130; Followers: over 510; Following: over 200

Karl Broman @kwbroman

statistician; professor at UW-Madison; interested in almost everything except finance. Madison, Wisconsin ·

Tweets: over 1300; Followers: over 420; Following: over 90

Liz Worthey @lizworthey

Genomic Medicine Enthusiast

Tweets: over 800; Followers: over 250; Following: over 100

Tuuli Lappalainen @tuuliel

Twitter Bio: Postdoc at Stanford, soon a group leader at NY Genome Center, studying functional variation in the human genome. Also an art lover, foodie, traveler, book nerd. San Francisco, CA, USA

Tweets: over 770; Followers: over 700, Following: over 240

Razib Khan @razibkhan 

Twitter Bio: Evolutionist. Geneticist. Atheist. Reactionary. USA ·

Tweets: over 15,800; Followers: over 3,600; Following: over 350

Holly Bik @Dr_Bik

Holly Bik is postdoctoral researcher in marine genomics, working in Jonathan Eisen’s lab at the University of California Davis. Davis, CA ·

Tweets: over 7,600; Followers: over 3,500; Following: over 600

Luke Jostins @lukejostins

Twitter Bio: Postdoc in disease genetics at Oxford Oxford, UK ·

Tweets: over 1,490; Followers: over 2,200; Following: over 160

Pierre Lindenbaum @yokofakun

Postdoc in Bioinformatics at INSERM, Institut du Thorax , Nantes, France — science drawing java geek database blogger c++ genetics next-generation-sequencing. Nantes, France ·

Tweets: over 4,500; Followers: over 960; Following: over 800

Melissa WilsonSayres @mwilsonsayres

Studying sex chromosomes, populations & evolution. Parent. Hugger. Let’s talk science. 

Berkeley, CA ·…

Tweets: over 9,000; Followers: over 1,900; Following: over 1800

Alejandro Montenegro @aemonten

Twitter Bio: Molecular Biologist. Research interests include transcriptional regulatory networks and genomics. I blog at The MolBio Hut. Santiago, Chile ·

Tweets: over 9,000; Followers: over 1,900; Following: over 1800

Nicolas Robine @notSoJunkDNA 

Twitter Bio: Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist at New York Genome Center. Computational Biology / RNA-Seq / anything NYC / mostly in English, sometimes in French. New York City ·…

Tweets: over 5,700; Followers: over 2,200; Following: over 900

Neil Saunders @neilfws

Bioinformatics, hacker, web/open science enthusiast, photographer. Sydney, Australia ·

Tweets: over 17,000; Followers: over 2,300; Following: over 540

Vince Buffalo @vsbuffalo

Aspiring plant evolutionary/population geneticist, bioinformatician in@jrossibarra‘s lab. Loves statistics, genetics, zea, genomics, fly fishing, cooking. Davis, CA ·

Tweets: over 8,000; Followers: over 1,900; Following: over 900

Massgenomics @Massgenomics

Twitter Bio: Dan Koboldt on next-gen sequencing, genetics, and genomics in the post-genome era

Tweets: over 480; Followers: over 1,300; Following: over 90

Keith Bradnam @kbradnam

Twitter Bio: Much slower than a speeding bullet, less powerful than a locomotive, and unable to leap buildings in a single bound…but I do make a good cup of tea. Davis, California ·

Tweets: over 22,000; Followers: over 1,200; Following: over 360

Nathan Pearson @GenomeNathan

Twitter Bio: Human, genomicist. Ok, human genomicist — and Principal Genome Scientist (views own, not company’s) at

Tweets: over 1,900; Followers: over 1,100; Following: over 290

Sumit Middha @bioinfosm

Twitter Bio: next-gen sequencing (#NGS), #bioinformatics#genomics,#MayoClinic, and loads of #bigData digesting… Opinions are my own. RT != endorsement. I am here ·

Tweets: over 3100; Followers: over 900; Following: over 70

Keith Robison @OmicsOmicsBlog

Twitter Bio: Computational biologist in drug discovery since ’96. Cambridge MA ·

Tweets: over 6,900; Followers: over 830; Following: over 180 @homolog_us 

A blog on transcriptomics, bioinformatics and computational biology. Redmond, WA ·

Tweets: over 2,500; Followers: over 600; Following: over 80


  1. add to list: personal_rx_wi (Dr. Howard Jacob) of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Followers: 880+ and growing. Tweets: 725

  2. Manuel Perez-Alonso @MPAlonso
    Twitter Bio: University Professor and biotech entrepreneur. Director at Institute of Genomic Medicine. Founder of VLT BioPharma. Valencia, Spain

    Tweets: over 13,000; Followers: over 2,000; Following: over 2,100

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