Illumina Announces New Sequencers: HiSeq X Ten and NextSeq 500 at JPM 2014

Illumina’s CEO annoucned at this year JPMorgan Healthcare Conference (#JPM14) that Illumina will be launching new sequencers, HiSeqX and NextSeq 500. HiSeq X Ten is a factory scale sequencer for population sequencing and NextSeq 500 is a new desktop highthroughput sequencer. Nextseq will have the power of HiSeq, but with the size of MiSeq.

Summarizing the live tweets from JPM event, it looks like that NextSeq will have capability to sequence 30X human genome in 30 hours and run Non-Invasive Prenatal testing in 12 hours.


Illumina_Sequencing_Portfolio: HiSeq X and NextSeq 500

[Update] This post was written while remotely blogging using the live tweets from many attendng #JPM14.  Please see the posts with  more up to date information

Announcing the new sequencers, Jay Flately took a dig at Life Technologies by saying we are not just promising $1000 genome, but delivering it.












  1. You can now order HiSeq X Ten services: 1 HiSeq X Ten lane and library prep costs: $1,550.


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