Illumina’s Jay Flatley at #PMWC14: Get Sequence of 1 million cancer patients in next 5 years

Illumina’s Jay Flately said at #PMWC14 that Illumina wants to have the sequence of 1 million cancer patients in a database in the next five years. And one of his personal goal is to make cancer a “chronic” disease within 10 years. Jay Flatley said Illumina support the goals of sharing large population genomic datasets with researchers and clinicians. This is the gist of Jay Flately’s talk at #PMWC14 happening right now at Mountain View, CA.

Thanks to awesome live tweets by Kevin Davies, @DivaBioTech, and Theral Timpson. Here are the links to the original tweets.











  1. First, the 454 shutdown in mid-2016 is more like 9 years after 2007, not 6.

    Also, 1 million genomes in 5 years would require just over 11 HiSeq Ten X systems at full capacity (18,000 genomes per year). Or 111 individual instruments…

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