NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (1/17/2014): Illumina, HiSeq X, NextSeq 500, Roadmaps

What a week for Illumina and sequencing. Illumina launched two sequencers: one for taking over the sequencing in an individual lab and the other for sequencing the world. Actually, the week started with the big news from Regeneron’s plan to sequence 100,000 individuals, But boy, that news was completely washed by Illumina-geddon.

NextGenSeek stories to read this week covers the ground on what people think about Illumina’s offensive move to keep its No. 1 position in the sequencing market and bringing life back to the “$1000 genome” meme. In addition, we have stories about free PacBio sequencing and its road map for the year 2014.

Illumina-calypse: Blog posts on HiSeq X Ten, NextSeq 500, and $1000 genome

NextGenSeek’ coverage on Illumina’s new sequencers.

PacBio offered to sequence your genome for free, if you could convince them that your genome of interest is the most interesting genome in the world and you attended PAG XXII 2014.

PacBio also unveiled its vision/goals for this year. Among other things PacBio hopes to gain ~4-fold increase in the throughput per SMRT Cell to get 10-15kb average read lengths and produce over 1 Gb data per SMRT Cell.  PacBio hopes to reach these goals while keeping the consensus accuracy high and with no bias. PacBio is confident that the

combination of sequencing chemistry upgrades through polymerase and nucleotide engineering, improvements in the polymerase loading efficiency, and software upgrades

will help reach these goals. Check PacBio blogpost for details.

Regeneron’s human genetics initiative

Among other genomics news in this week, here are a few interesting stories.

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