What is the Price of NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten?

In case you missed it, Illumina-geddon or Illumina-calypse shook the sequencing world as Illumina announced two new sequencers; NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten. NextSeq 500 is desktop sequencer with the power of HiSeq and the size of MiSeq and HiSeq X Ten is a set of ten HiSeq X machines for population level sequencing.

How Much Does a NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten Costs?

What is the Price of Illumina’s NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten?

If Illumina’s last year’s focus was all about sequencing a genome in a day and acquiring Moleculo to offer long read sequencing, this year Illumina was all about sequencing Exome/Genome/Transcriptome on a desktop and sequencing a nation with HiSeq X Ten.

As Illumina unveiled HiSeq X Ten and NextSeq 500 at JPM 2014 yesterday, we live blogged and gave more details on the new sequencers and their capabilities. Check the following posts for more details

However, we missed out on the out of the box pricing on these sequencers.

Illumina NextSeq 500 Price

Here is how much NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten costs.

  • NextSeq 500 System is priced at $250,000 (compare this to the cost of MiSeq, $99,000)

And Illumina is taking orders for NextSeq 500 and it is ready for shipping.  If you are interested in learning more about NextSeq 500 and see the sequencer, check if Illumina is scheduled to visit and show NextSeq 500 near your campus here.

Illumina HiSeq X Ten Price

As it was made abundantly  clear, HiSeq X Ten is aimed at “Population-scale” sequencing projects to create Illumina Nations. Illumina will sell HiSeq X only as a set of 10 HiSeq X Ten system. Yes, there is no sale of single HiSeq X.  The set of 10 HiSeq X system is priced at $10 million, and any additional HiSeq X machine costing $1 million each.  The HiSeq X Ten Sequencing System will ship in Q1 2014.

Who Has Bought Illumina HiSeq X Ten?

Illumina said it has already received four orders the HiSeq X Ten Sequencing systems.




  1. Dr Elizabeth Kampira says:

    Long are the sequences produced by the NexSeq 500 system.
    How can this be compared to ABI sequencer?


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