AGBT 2014 Link Roundup

AGBT 2014 Highlights and Link Roundup

AGBT 2014 Highlights and Link Roundup

The much anticipated AGBT 2014 event is over. One of the highlights of this year’s AGBT is that one could see a glimpse of Oxford Nanopore data. In addition, Oxford Nanopore announced the lucky researchers who will get their hands on MinION sequencers soon through its first wave of early access program. At AGBT, as for the other sequencing companies concerned, Illumina: enjoyed its attention for its latest onslaught on sequencing industry with NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten, and PacBio put up a good show of how long reads are useful and why PacBio is still relevant.

AGBT 2014 Link Round Up

AGBT 2014 Link Round Up

The whole of last week was all about happenings at AGBT. And here is the link round up of all the happenings at AGBT 2014.

  1. Lex Nederbragt blogging at AGBT: The one and only Oxford Nanopore talk at AGBT 2014 – with real data
  2. Dale Yuzuki’s blog post:  Oxford Nanopore at AGBT 2014
  3. GenomeWeb on Oxford nanopore: At AGBT, First Data from Oxford Nanopore Presented as Company Issues Early Access Invites
  4. NextGenSeek Storified Tweets from David Jaffe’s Talk: A First Look at the Use Oxford Nanopore Reads AGBT 2014
  5. NextGenSeek on Oxford Nanopore: Oxford Nanopore Data and MinION: Valentines Day’s Gift to Genome Enthusiasts
  6. Lex NederbragtLooking back at AGBT 2014
  7. Genohub: AGBT – Summary of Day 1
  8. Keith Robinson at OmicsOmicsBlog on New Reference Assembly:  How will you deal with GRCh38?
  9. Forbes on Genapsys: Yuri Milner-Backed Company Prepares IPad-Size DNA Sequencer
  10. GenomeWeb on Genapsys: At AGBT, GenapSys Entices Audience with Lunchbox-Sized Electronic Sequencer; Leaves Open Questions
  11. GenomeWeb: AGBT: Illumina, Broad Institute Show Performance Data for NextSeq 500, HiSeq X Ten

The sequencing companies PacBio and Illumina also blogged from AGBT. Here they are.

  1. PacBio’s blogpost releasing 54X human data: Data Release: ~54x Long-Read Coverage for PacBio-only De Novo Human Genome Assembly
  2. PacBio’s blogpost: AGBT Day 1 & 2 Highlights: Hello GRCh38 & SMRT Sequencing for Pathogen Screening
  3. PacBio’s blogpost: AGBT Day 3 Highlights: Single Contigs, Dazzling Assemblers, Novel Isoforms & Honey Algorithms
  4. Illumina’s blogpost:  AGBT Day One and Illumina User Meeting
  5. Illumina’s blogpost: Opening Sessions AGBT- Socks for Christmas: Actually Quite Useful
  6. Illumina’s blogpost: Genomic Software Solutions get Spotlight at AGBT

Slides From AGBT 2014

  1. Valerie Schneider’s GRC presentation at #AGBT2014 
  2. McCombie’s Talk: A near perfect de novo assembly of a eukaryotic genome. Featuring the longest read on the planet.

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