NGS in Critical Care: A Feel Good Story

Joe DeRisi from UCSF gave a talk at AGBT 2014 on the use of Next-Gen Sequencing technology in critical care as an example.  It is a great story, but did not get much attention in social media immediately as the talk happened to be on the same day as Oxford Nanopore data talk by David Jaffe.

Thanks to Keith Robinson from Omics Omics, there is a detailed blogpost on the talk Joe DeRisi.

It is a must read and the whole story highlights the use of NGS in critical care and being one of the first such cases it talks about the challenges in using NGS in critical care routinely.

The gist of the story is 14 year old suffering by acute encephalitis had to spend months without really identifying the cause. Joe DeRisi was called in to help as the kid’s condition became really serious.  Joe DeRisi’s team took exactly two days in identifying the cause by Next-Gen Sequencing. Once identifying the cause they could treat the kid with a big dose of Pencillin and cure him.

If you are not familiar with Joe DeResi, he is a pioneer in genomic  technologies. His graduate work with Pat Brown resulted in Microarray technology to study genome-wide gene expression for the first time.

Joe DeRisi’s group is actively working on genomic approaches to the study of infectious disease” like malaria ,SARS, and unknown virus pathogens. Joe DeRisi team’s work on printing biological “things” is one of my favorites, since printing 2D microarray, now the lab is active in 3D printing and other genomic technologies. Coming from Pat. Brown’s lab, Joe DeRisi is also an active proponent of “Open Access Publication”.

Hope that Joe DeRisi’s group is active in the latest polio-like virus scare in California.

Read the blogpost by Keith Robinson. Here are the tweets storified from the talk.


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