Craig Venter Launches Human Longevity Inc.: A Large Sequencing Effort for Aging

Craig Venter Launches A New Genomicd Company:  Human Longevity Inc

Craig Venter Launches A New Genomics Company: Human Longevity Inc

Craig Venter, the human genome sequencing pioneer,  is launching a new company, Human Longevity ,to improve human longevity using large-scale genome sequencing. Human Longevity hopes to be the largest genome sequencing center in the world and will have the capability to sequence and analyze 40,000 human genomes a year.

In addition to Craig venter, the new company,  Human Longevity, Inc, is cofounded by two physicians, Robert Hariri and Peter Diamandis.  and will be based in La Jolla-based company. It has already raised $70 million.

Human Longevity’s sequencing effort will be using Illumina and it will be buying not one, but two of Illumina’s new$10 Million toy HiSeq X Ten.

Brief bio of the Human Longevity Inc. founders from its wesite

  • Dr. Venter, the pioneer in genomics, is Chairman and CEO for HLI. Venter also heads the not  for profit, J. Craig Venter Institute and the privately held company, Synthetic Genomics Inc.
  • Dr. Hariri, a leading stem cell researcher and innovative entrepreneur, is serving as Vice-Chairman.
  • Dr. Diamandis, a serial entrepreneur in a diverse array of areas and also founder of the XPRIZE  Foundation, leads HLI’s business strategy, also serving as Vice-Chairman.

The press release announcing Craig Venter’s new venture says that

HLI is Building World’s Largest Genotype/Phenotype Database by Sequencing up to 40,000 Human Genomes/Year Combined with Microbiome, Metabolome and Clinical Data to Develop Life Enhancing Therapies

Craig Venter’s new company website, says that

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) is a genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company. Using advances in genomic sequencing, the human microbiome, proteomics, informatics, computing, and cell therapy technologies, HLI is building the world’s most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes to tackle the diseases associated with aging-related human biological decline. HLI I also leading the development of cell-based therapeutics to address age-related decline in endogenous stem cell function. HLI is concentrating on cancer, diabetes and obesity, heart and liver diseases, and dementia.

This is the second time a big name is keen on solving problems associated with aging. Earlier <a title=”Google Launches Calico to improve longevity” href=””>Google launched</a> a company called Calico, with the goal to improve human longevity. Google roped in Art Levinson, a  former CEO of Genentech as Calico’s CEO. However, at the time of launching, Craig Venter’s Human Longevity Inc. seems more real than Google’s Calico.

More info about the company

Human Lonegevity Inc.’s clinical, scientific and business advisors include

• David Brenner, MD – Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences, UC San Diego
• Toby Cosgrove, MD – CEO Cleveland Clinic
• Mark Ellisman, PhD – Professor of Neurosciences & Bioengineering, UC San Diego
• Larry Goldstein, PhD – Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UC San Diego
• Samuel Klein, MD – Professor of Medicine & Nutrition, Washington Univ., St. Louis
• Scott Lippman, MD – Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and
Care, UC San Diego
• George Poste, DVM, PhD – Professor of Health Innovation, Arizona State University
• Eric C. Anderson – Co-founder and Chairman, Space Adventures

Just a few weeks ago, Craig Venter hinted about the new venture with the teasing tweet

and a bit later Craig Venter sent another tweet mentioning when to expect announcement from him.



Here are the two reports on Craig venter’s newest venture.

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