NYGC Recruits IBM Watson to Fight Brain Cancer

NewYork Genome Center (NYGC) announced that it will join hands with IBM Watson to fight Brain Cancer using genomics. NYGC will use IBM’s Watson to help oncologists for developing more personalized genomic medicine to patients with glioblastoma, a brain cancer that kills more than 13,000 people in the U.S. every year.

In the press release announcing the new collaboration, NYGC said that

Watson will complement rapid genome sequencing and is expected to dramatically reduce the time it takes to correlate an individual’s genetic mutations with reams of medical literature, study findings, and therapeutic indications that may be relevant. The intention is to provide comprehensive information to enable clinicians to consider a variety of treatment options that the clinician can tailor to their patient’s genetic mutations. It will also help NYGC scientists understand the data detailing gene sequence variations between normal and cancerous biopsies of brain tumors.

Learn more about NYGC and IBM Watson’s role in genomics

Here is the storified tweets from the NYGC and IBM Watson partnership announcement.

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