And So Begins Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing Begins


Oxford Nanopore MinION has started reaching the hands the researchers, who were selected for the first wave of Oxford Nanopore’s Early Access Program to try out MinION. And so begins nanopore sequencing experiments.

Thanks to Mick Watson and Nick Loman. The lucky researchers started announcing the arrival of spring gift on Twitter. So far, it looks like MinION has not crossed the Atlantic ocean yet :) And as expected, MinION is tiny and runs (only?) on Windows machine. Corrected. Nick Loman has successfully tried using Mac parallels (against the instructions from Nanopore?).

Happy long read Nanopore sequencing folks!

Oxford Nanopore MinION Timeline

In case you missed all the actions from Oxford Nanopore Technologies, here is the brief timeline of Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ MinION.









On Monday 14 April, MinIONs crossed the Atlantic ocean to find a home in Boston.











  1. Let’s hope this is the dawn of the era of true sequencing.


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