April Fools’ Day Jokes 2014 Round Up: Genomics Version

It is that of the year again. Time to laugh at us. Many interesting jokes on us is out there already. Here is a link roundup of the April Fool Jokes. Happy April Fool’s day!

Want to improve your genome/transcriptome assembly quality?  @Kbradnam has a beautiful solution and unveiled a new software tool “N50 Booster”.

We all know that the most important aspect of any genome assembly is the N50 length of its contigs or scaffolds. Higher N50 lengths are clearly correlated with increases in assembly quality and any good bioinformatician should be looking to maximize the N50 length of any assembly they are making.

My only wish is that “N50 booster” is written in Excel, not perl :)

CoreGenomics finds out that “Illumina are probably going to announce their latest sequencer today and Core Genomics was heard about it before anyone else…MiSeq X”

Mick Watson calls on us to prepare for the worst when all of you, own your own genome data. It is for real though :(

And to top it all Stephen Turner (@genetics_blog) started a new startup company “Paired Ends Genomics: Reproducible Bioinformatics Pipelines in the Cloud”. You have got to check out the advisory board.


And in the biggest announcement, @mbeisen renounces “Open Access” and embraces “Glamour Magazines”

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