Illumina’s New v4 Reagent Kits for HiSeq To Enable 1Tb per Run

Illumina launched new V4 reagent kits for HiSeq that will enable more output, faster and cheaper data than the current V3 reagents. The V4 reagent kit can give up to 1Tb output per run in 6 days, compared to about 600 Gb output per run in V3 reagents.  And with the new V4 kit,  a single run can sequence

  • 10 Genomes
  • 150 Nextera Rapid Capture exomes
  • 80 Whole transcriptomes
lllumina Technology Evolution

lllumina Technology Evolution (Source: Illumina)

In addition to the 1TB throughput, the new kit offers 33% increase in number reads compared to the V3 reagent kit (from 3 Billion to 4 billion reads).


Illumina Reagent Kits Throughput Over Time

Illumina’s new kit will be available in the second quarter of 2014 and a minor upgrade of software is needed to get the performance. The specified performance is available in all HiSeq 2500/1500 built in factory and all HiSeq 2000 shipped in 2013.

Illumina also postponed the available date for previously announced rapid run mode reagen that increases read length to 2×250 bp. The Rapid Run mode reagent upgrade will be available in mid 2014 for all HiSeq 2500/1500, irrespective of whether it was field upgraded or factory built.

Learn more about the v4 reagent kit from Illumina for HiSeq from the YouTube Video from Illumina.

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