Surpassed 200 posts at NextGenSeek

Started the blog with the aim to be part of the exciting sequencing revolution. It is more than two years since starting this blog. However, never remembered the “anniversaries”. Early last week noticed that the last post was 200th post here. Some were good and some were not. Happy that the journey lasted this long and hoping to go further.

Starting out the blog, wanted to record thoughts on interesting  papers,  technology, and news regularly. Definitely things did not go out as originally planned.  There were a few ups and downs on publishing posts. However,  looking at the data on the number of posts per month, could not really come up with some genuine reasons for the dips in posting frequency.  The peaks were clearly due to posts during the interesting conferences and big announcements.  Thanks  to many live tweeters, who captured the moments of many interesting conferences.



Seq Papers: A New Page

One of the goals of starting the blog was to read more papers and jot down the thoughts here. The number of papers summarized at the blog were bit underwhelming :(

One big lesson learned is to, “Never wait for writing a detailed post on an interesting paper”. The key word is detailed here. Never managed to write a detailed post later, once the moment has passed. The only way writing happened is immediately after the first reading. Compared to last year, 2014 is very promising.

To increase the accountability on the number of posts on papers and for the ease of finding the written posts, I have created a new page “Seq Papers“. The new page collates all the posts discussing interesting papers.

It has been a fun ride so far and hope to continue the joy ride. Learned a lot and hopefully it was useful to others too :)

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