Biology of the Genomes 2014 Keynote Lecture Videos: Peter Donnelly and Nancy Moran

CSHL’s Biology of the Genomes 2014 keynote lectures by Peter Donnelly and Nancy Moran are available for free now. The YouTube videos of the lectures are were available from from CSHL’s Leading Strand website.

Peter Donnelly, Human Geneticist/Statistician from Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, gave the talk under the title “Genomic Discovery: Mechanisms of Meiotic Recombination”. His wonderful talk covered what have we learned about recombination from population genetic data and  what are we learning about PRDM9’s role in recombination from both population genetic data and genetics using model organisms. Towards the end of the talk, he covered his team’s current effort to understand PRDM9’s role using humanized mice. Watch Peter Donnelly’s Guest Lecture at BOG 2014 here.

The second guest speaker at BOG 2014 is Nancy Moran from U. Texas Austin and gave a talk titled  “Genomic Erosion in Symbiotic Bacteria”. It is a fascinating talk on how bacterial symbionts living only in a host evolve by drastic genome reduction and accelerated sequence evolution.

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