All Things Illumina Sequencing Methods

Are you interested in learning about all the applications of Illumina Sequencing methods? or a specific non-standard applications of Illumina sequencing? More specifically want to learn about the methods/technology used, related library prep. kits available, pros and cons of the assay? Illumina is out to help you find the right sequencing method and the right publications for more information.

Illumina has compiled a detailed list of all Illumina sequencing applications in a review document.  The Illumina Sequencing Methods review is available as free pdf and it covers a wide range of questions, where Illumina’s sequencing technology can be useful. Briefly, the sequencing applications are listed in the broad categories.

  • RNA transcription-
  • RNA structure
  • Low-level DNA and RNA samples
  • DNA methylation
  • DNA-protein interactions
  • Sequence rearrangements

For each Illumina sequencing assay in these category, the doc lists library prep method, Illumina technology used, pros and cons, short  summaries, and relevant publications. This is not the first time Illumina has done this. Earlier Illumina created and made available a poster that offered visualization each sequencing assay using Illumina technology. Although the poster was really good (with unwieldy 29MB size) , it is not suitable for viewing from a laptop. 

I was really curious to find which references Illumina has used for RNA-seq and looked up RNA-seq in the document. Although RNA-seq is ubiqutously mentioned in the document, it is missing in the application list.  May be I am missing the reason here, but puzzled to see ChIP-Seq in the list, but not RNA-Seq.  Missing your favorite applications or important publication for an assay? Contact Illumina.

You may be also interested in *Seq, the annotated bibliography of all functional genomics assays based on high-througphput sequencing (not just Illumina sequencing methods), maintained by Lior Pachter.


Illumina Sequencing Methods Review (Image Source: Illumina)


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