Big Data in Biomedicine 2014 at Stanford Talk Videos Available

Big Data in BioMedicine at Stanford 2014

Big Data in BioMedicine at Stanford 2014

The Second Big Data in Biomedicine 2014 Conference at Stanford has uploaded all the talks on its website. The recently concluded Big Data in Biomedicine conference had a unique mix of speakers from industry, like Google & Intel, genome scientists from academia, and govt org. like NIH and White House.  The theme of the second conference is how effectively can we benefit from truck loads of data that are getting generated in biomedicine?

The awesome list of speakers included many top genome scientists from US and UK and covered a vast area of genomics. For example, Stephen Quake from Stanford wondered What is Big Data? Has Big Data arrived really in Biomedicine? Will we have Big Data if we sequence all human’s genomes?

Alexis Battle talked about her recent work on transcriptome sequencing in over 900 individuals from major depression study and how integrating multiple types of data using Machine Learning techniques can be helpful in dissecting complex phenotype like depression.

Daniel MacArthur talked about his team’s challenging task in using exome/genome sequencing data from over 80,000 individuals and on the benefit of doing variant calling using all the samples.

David Glazer, director of engineering at Google, gave a talk on what Google is doing in genomics. Mainly he talked about how Google can offer computational tools for dealing with large-scale genomics data.

Here are links to a few interesting talks to watch at Big Data in Biomedicine:

Visit Big Data in Biomedicine at Stanford conference website and watch more talks.

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