HiTSeq, an ISMB 2014 SIG, Announces Full Agenda

HiTSeq, an ISMB 2014 special interest group satellite conference, focusing on algorithms to analyze high-throughput sequencing data has announced the full agenda. HiTSeq 2014, High Throughput Sequencing Algorithms and Applications, is a two day meeting on 11th and 11th July, just before ISMB 2014 at Boston.

HiTSeq 2014, High Throughput Sequencing Algorithms and Applications

HiTSeq 2014, High Throughput Sequencing Algorithms and Applications

Two days of all things algorithms for sequencing data has over 20 talks selected from abstracts and two keynote talks. One is by Heidi Rhem, Ph.D., FACMG. Partners Healthcare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine and the other keynote is by Chris Mason, Ph.D. Weill Cornell Medical College.NY, USA. Some of the talks also new unpublished work, which will be published in Bioinformatics as proceedings.

Check out the talk titles below. No doubt. they sound very interesting. And watch for the twitter hashtags #HitSeq14 and #ISMB14.

  1.  Amit G Deshwar. Automatically reconstructing subclonal composition and evolution from whole genome sequencing of bulk tumor samples.
  2.   Layla Oesper. Quantifying Tumor Heterogeneity in Whole-Genome and Whole-Exome Sequencing Data.
  3.  Nam-Phuong Nguyen. TIPP:Taxonomic Identification and Phylogenetic Profiling.
  4.  Pall Melsted. KmerStream: Streaming algorithms for k-mer abundance estimation
  5. Benny Chor. String graph construction using incremental hashing.
  6.  James Holt. Merging of Multi-String BWTs with Applications.
  7.  Rene Rahn. Journaled String Tree – A scalable data structure for analyzing. thousands of similar genomes on your laptop.
  8.  Shoshana Marcus. SplitMEM: Graphical pan-genome analysis with suffix skips.
  9.  Hamid Mohamadi. DIDA: Distributed Indexing Dispatched Alignment.
  10.  John Beaulaurier.  Single Molecule-level Characterization of Heterogeneity in Bacterial Methylomes.
  11.  Manuel Allhoff. Detecting differential peaks in ChIP-seq signals with ODIN.
  12. Wanding Zhou. ClinSeK: targeted clinical variant identification from high-throughput sequencing data
  13.  Michael Love. Multiple group comparisons for RNA-Seq and stable effect size estimates
  14.  Lasse Maretty, Bayesian transcriptome assembly.
  15.  Lorena de La Fuente, Functional Alternative Splicing Analysis Using Long Read Technologies.
  16. Kathrin Trappe. Gustaf: Detecting and correctly classifying SVs in the NGS twilight zone.
  17. Ajay Ummat. Resolving Complex Tandem Repeats with Long Reads.
  18. Catherine Grasso, Assessing Copy Number Alterations in Targeted Amplicon-Based Next Generation Sequencing Data
  19.  Anna Ritz. Characterization of Complex Structural Variants with Single Molecule and Hybrid Sequencing Approaches
  20.  Leena Salmela. LoRDEC: accurate and efficient long read error correction
  21.  Vladimír Boža, Using Maximum Likelihood Model to Assemble Genomes
  22.  Qingming Tang. Bermuda: Bidirectional de novo assembly of transcripts with new insights for handling uneven coverage.


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