ISMB 2014 Proceedings Available

ISMB 2014 Proceedings Avaialble

ISMB 2014 Proceedings Avaialble

The accepted papers of ISMB 2014 is available as proceedings in a special issue of Bioinformatics. The 22nd annual meeting of Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), will take place  in Boston, MA, July 11–15, 2014.

If you are a computational biologist/bioinformatician and could not make it to this year’s ISMB,  you can access all the papers well in advance. The ISMB 2014 accepted papers are freely available at the special Bioinformatics issue

The proceedings contain 37 accepted papers selected from 191 submissions in 13 research areas. Given the interest in high-throughput sequencing and its applications, it is not surprising that over 50% of the submitted papers were in the research areas like, Gene Regulation and Transcriptomics, RNA Bioinformatics, Sequence Analysis, and Population Genomics.  

Here is a few selected ISMB 2014 papers on sequencing data/methods.

  1. RNA-Skim: a rapid method for RNA-Seq quantification at transcript level,  Zhaojun Zhang and Wei Wang
  2. Deep learning of the tissue-regulated splicing codeMichael K. K. Leung, Hui Yuan Xiong, Leo J. Lee and  Brendan J. Frey
  3. Methods for time series analysis of RNA-seq data with application to human Th17 cell differentiationTarmo Äijö1,Vincent Butty, Zhi Chen, Verna Salo, Subhash Tripathi, Christopher B. Burge,  Riitta Lahesmaa and Harri Lähdesmäki
  4. BlockClust: efficient clustering and classification of non-coding RNAs from short read RNA-seq profilesPavankumar Videm, Dominic Rose, Fabrizio Costa, and Rolf Backofen
  5. Graph-regularized dual Lasso for robust eQTL mappingWei Cheng, Xiang Zhang, Zhishan Guo, Yu Shi and Wei Wang
  6. ExSPAnder: a universal repeat resolver for DNA fragment assemblyAndrey D. Prjibelski Irina Vasilinetc, Anton Bankevich, Alexey Gurevich,Tatiana Krivosheeva, Sergey Nurk, Son Pham, Anton Korobeynikov, Alla Lapidus, and  Pavel A. Pevzner
  7. A combinatorial approach for analyzing intra-tumor heterogeneity from high-throughput sequencing dataIman Hajirasouliha, Ahmad Mahmoody, and Benjamin J. Raphael
  8. A statistical approach for inferring the 3D structure of the genomeNelle Varoquaux, Ferhat Ay, William Stafford Noble, and Jean-Philippe Vert
  9. Detecting independent and recurrent copy number aberrations using interval graphs
    Hsin-Ta Wu, Iman Hajirasouliha and Benjamin J. Raphael
  10. Probabilistic method for detecting copy number variation in a fetal genome using maternal plasma sequencingLadislav Rampášek, Aryan Arbabi and Michael Brudno
  11. Accurate viral population assembly from ultra-deep sequencing dataSerghei MangulNicholas C. WuNicholas MancusoAlex ZelikovskyRen Sunand Eleazar Eskin
  12. SOAPdenovo-Trans: de novo transcriptome assembly with short RNA-Seq readsYinlong XieGengxiong WuJingbo TangRuibang LuoJordan PattersonShanlin Liu,Weihua HuangGuangzhu HeShengchang GuShengkang LiXin ZhouTak-Wah LamYingrui LiXun XuGane Ka-Shu Wongand Jun Wang

And this may be the right time for the Bioinformatics journal to promote ISMB 2014 proceedings instead of ISMB 2012 proceedings :)

BIoinformatics Journal Promoting ISMB 2012 Proceedings

BIoinformatics Journal Promoting ISMB 2012 Proceedings


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