Illumina Acquires Myraqa, a Regulatory Firm

Illumina Acquires Myraqa: IVD regulatory firm

Illumina Acquires Myraqa: IVD regulatory firm

Illumina announced that it acquired Myraqa, a Redwood Shores, California based regulatory firm specializing in In Vitro Diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Myraqa was founded in 1998 by Mya Thomae, RAC, CQA. Myraqa was formerly known as Mya Thomae Consulting. Announcing the acquisition, Illumina said the acquisition will bolster Illumina’s capabilities for clinical readiness and help Illumina for its future growth in regulated markets.

Rick Klausner, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Illumina said

Under Mya Thomae, Myraqa is recognized as the leader in regulatory and quality matters in molecular diagnostics. With Myraqa, Illumina will continue to pave the way for the use of genomic technology, including next-generation sequencing, in regulated markets while also driving standards for use in the clinic. Mya will lead Illumina’s regulatory strategy and execution, providing us with a world-class regulatory organization and is part of our commitment to making Illumina a pre-eminent clinical company.

We expect Mya and her team to complete existing programs and to continue to work with selected third-parties on sequencing-based projects.

Mya Thomae, CEO of Myraqa said

Illumina is at the forefront of driving next-generation sequencing to the clinic and I look forward to being a key part of this market transformation. Illumina exemplifies many of the values that have successfully guided Myraqa and I’m excited for our team to share in this opportunity to shape the future of medicine. As part of Illumina, Myraqa’s team will continue to report to Thomae. Thomae will report to Illumina’s CMO Dr. Klausner as the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

Here is how Myraqa introduce itself and gives its motto on its website.

Myraqa is the leading IVD and companion diagnostic consulting firm. Founded in 1998 as a solo practice, Myraqa has grown to include leading experts in Regulatory, Quality, Clinical, Biostatistics and Development.

Myraqa serves a wide range of clients, including established diagnostic and therapeutic companies, up & comers and even stealth startups. We work strategically with our customers to smooth the path toward regulatory success. Myraqa has worked on a full range of applications in the US and EU, including PMAs, pre-submissions, IDEs, 510(k)s, de novo 510(k)s, and EU technical files.

But Myraqa is more than just a collection of expertise.  We’re a team that’s dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

Our guiding principle here at Myraqa is short and sweet:

Do Good Work

More specifically, our motto means:

  • We do work that is socially good
    We believe that medical products and services will enhance human life when they pass scientific and regulatory muster.  We believe that we can and should contribute to general human welfare in how we choose to do our work

  • We do work that is of high quality
    Because our work is important, it is worth doing as well as possible.  We provide expertise that is informed, well-reasoned, and tailored to meet specific client needs.  We provide services that are of exceptionally good value

  • We actually do the work
    Myraqa is not in the business of dispensing empty advice.  We have expertise because we seek to be involved in the difficult work.

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