ISMB 2014 Link Roundup

ISMB 2014, one of the biggest bioinformatics/computational biology conferences has started today. The main ISMB 2014 is from 13th July, but a slew of interesting Special Interest Group & Satellite meetings have started today. To be precise, a mind boggling 13 SIGs/satellite meetings started today covering topics including Open Source Bioinformatics, Ontology, structural biology, regulatory genomics and high throughput sequencing.

You are not at ISMB 2014? Here is all the ISMB 2014 accepted papers that will be presented at the main ISMB event.

There is so much happening, it is easy to miss a lot of interesting things. A lot of presenters have posted their talk slides online.  Here is our attempt to collate that and all things ISMB here.

Day 1

  1. Titus Brown’s Keynote at 2014 Bioinformatics Open Source Conference:  Slides and Talk Notes
  2. S. Markus SplitMEM from Mike Schatz group’s talk slide at HitSeq 2014: splitMEM: graphical pan-genome analysis with suffix skips
  3. Mark Gerstein’s Talk at AFP SIG at ISMB 2014: Function Prediction on a Genome scale: Statistical Models Predicting Cell-type-specific Expression Levels from Upstream Promotor Activity
  4. Marc Streit’s Bio Vis talk: Fundamentals Visualizing Biological Data
  5. Tamara Munzner’s talk at BioVis: Visualization Analysis & Design for Biology
  6. Galaxy Talks/Posters: Galaxy at ISMB and BOSC 2014
  7. PacBio Blog: ISMB 2014: The World Cup of Bioinformatics
  8. Small Change Bioinformatics’ Blog post:  Notes: Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2014 Day 1 Morning 
  9. Blog post by the keynote speaker Eugene Myers: DALIGNER:Fast and sensitive detection of all pairwise local alignments

Day 2

  1. Karl Broman’s talk at BioVis: Interactive Graphics for genetic data
  2. Phil Bourne’s Keynote at BOSC: Biomedical Research as an Open Digital Enterprise BOSC 2014 Boston – An opportunity to promote The Commons
  3. Fiona Brinkman’s talk: Making protein function & subcellular localization predictions – challenges & opportunities

Tune in for more. I will keep updating the list as the ISMB has just begun.  Four more days of Bioinformatics fun. Feel free to suggest the missing ones.




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