Ted Stanley’s $650 Million Donation to Broad Institute : Link Roundup

The Broad Institute today announced that it will be receiving $650 million from philanthropist Ted Stanley with the goal to study psychiatric disorders and bring new treatments.   The announcement coincided with a publication Nature on schizophrenia genome-wide association study with huge sample sizes 36,989 cases and 113,075 controls, which identified 108 genetic loci associated with schizophrenia.

Here is the link round up of the stories

  1. Broad Institute’s Press Release: $650 million commitment to Stanley Center at Broad Institute aims to  galvanize mental illness research
  2. NY Times:  Spark for a Stagnant Search. A $650 Million Donation for Psychiatric Research
  3. Nature News: Gene-hunt gain for mental health
  4. Broad Institute receives $650 million mental research gift
  5. Forbes News: How A Giant Act Of Philanthropy May Kickstart Psychiatry

Ted Stanley Commits $650 Million to the Broad Institute

International Collaborators of the Stanley Center

Ed Scolnick on Targeting the Genetic Causes of Mental Illness

NIH Directors on the Future of Psychiatric Research


  1. Barb Loder says:

    I wish to thank Mr. Stanley, his wife, and his son for this tremendous gift to mental health research. My son died by suicide in 1998 because he was so tormented by bipolar disorder. I, too, have bipolar I. The meds (he was on) didn’t work for Joe. It was also a tremendous struggle to get mental health professionals to listen–I couldn’t get them to put Joe on lithium. It is a long and excruciating story. Please pass on my great and heartfelt thanks to all of you involved in this project. May you continue to make great progress.

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