Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown’s Talk at #UKGS2014

For all the sequencing enthusiasts, Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown gave a talk today at UK Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics 2014. The abstract of his talk

Methods and Devices for DNA/RNA Sequencing Using Nanopores
Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore

Nanopore based molecular analysis platforms are being commercialized in 2014 after 20 years of background academic research and 7 years of commercial development with over $80M spent. Significant technical challenges needed to be solved in order to bring such devices to market. These include reliable ways to make Nanopore arrays, custom sensing circuits, efficient capture and processing of DNA molecules through the nanopores at a measurable speed and the tailoring of nanopores to give enough signal to noise for suitable algorithms to generate sequence data. Nanopore sequencing of DNA/RNA easily produces very long reads, with minimal sample preparation, at high throughput and low cost. Already competitive for certain applications, all of these attributes will improve over time as the underlying technology is incrementally refined. This presentation will describe these key technical challenges and how they have been solved, with reference to their embodiment in the MinION™ instrument. Insights will be given on possible future developments of nanopore technology and what kind of devices and new applications may result.

Thanks to many live tweeters, here is the storified tweets.

One of the highlights of the talk is the announcement that the rumored new bigger Nanopore platform PromethION will be shown at ASHG 2014.

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