RECOMB 2015 and RECOMB-Seq Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2015 Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2015 Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2015, one of the computational biology conferences, to be held in Warsaw, Poland from 12th April to 15th April has the list of accepted papers and the full conference schedule now. Over 30 papers accepted at RECOMB 2015 will be presented as talks at the conference and the authors of accepted papers will have the chance to publish at a special issue of Journal of Computational Biology.

Here are the titles of a few interesting papers from RECOMB 2015.

  • Synthetic Long Reads Uncover Variation in Complex Regions of the Human Genome, Arend Sidow and Serafim Batzoglou.
  • CRISPR detection from very short reads using partial overlap graph, Ilan Ben-Bassat and Benny Chor.
  • HapTree-X: An integrative Bayesian framework for haplotype reconstruction from transcriptome and genome sequencing data, Emily Berger, Deniz Yorukoglu and Bonnie Berger.
  • Joint inference of genome structure and content in heterogeneous tumor samples, Andrew McPherson, Andrew Roth, Cedric Chauve and Cenk Sahinalp. 

Check the full list of accepted papers here.  The full agenda at RECOMB 2015 is here.

In addition to the main conference, RECOMB also organizes two satellite conferences

  • RECOMB-SEQ: Fifth RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Massively Parallel Sequencing
  • RECOMB-CCB 2015: Fourth RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Cancer Biology

just before the main RECOMB conference April 10-11 2015. The accepted papers at these satellite meetings will be published in a special issue of Bioinformatics. Here is a few interesting papers accepted at RECOMB-SEQ including Lior Pachter group’s paper on a new RNA-seq methodology.

  • Rank Regularized RNA-seq, Nicolas Bray and Lior Pachter
  • PopIns: population-scale detection of novel sequence insertions, Birte Kehr, Pall Melsted and Bjarni Halldorsson
  • Probabilistic modeling of occurring substitutions in PAR-CLIP data, Monica Golumbeanu, Pejman Mohammadi and Niko Beerenwinkel
  • Utilizing de Bruijn graph of metagenome assembly for metatranscriptome analysis, Yuzhen Ye and Haixu Tang

The full list of papers and the talks at RECOMB-SEQ is here and for RECOMB-CCB is here.


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