Illumina Announces MiniSeq, a new benchtop sequencer

IIlumina's MiniSeq Sequencing System

IIlumina’s MiniSeq Sequencing System

Illumina announced MiniSeq, a new benchtop sequencing system, at this year’s JPM. With MiniSeq, Illumina hopes to offer NGS workflow solution for every lab. MiniSeq is priced at $49,500 USD, to make it easy for any laboratory to adopt NGS. The MiniSeq System is expected to be available early in the first quarter of 2016.

MiniSeq can sequence up to 2x 150 bp paired reads with the throughput of 4-50 Million reads and about 6.6 Gb to 7.5 Gb data with high-output kit. Check the MiniSeq system specification pdf for more information.

MiniSeq Specifications for Different Applications

MiniSeq Specifications for Different Applications

The press release announcing the MiniSeq, said

The new MiniSeq System makes Illumina’s trusted sequencing technology accessible to all laboratories interested in performing targeted sequencing. With push-button operation, the flexible benchtop sequencer enables a broad range of DNA and RNA sequencing applications, from examining single genes to entire pathways, in a single run. Priced at $49,500 USD, and cost-efficient to run, the affordable MiniSeq System allows virtually any laboratory to adopt NGS, regardless of sample volume.

The research-use only MiniSeq System is designed and being commercialized as part of a complete sequencing solution that enables both experienced and new-to-NGS researchers to get results quickly with an easy-to-use library-to-results workflow and onboard data analysis for numerous assays. The sequencer is also able to stream sequencing data to BaseSpace®, Illumina’s cloud and onsite genomics computing environment. Compatible with a full suite of Illumina library preparation solutions, and end-to-end support from Illumina scientists and engineers, the MiniSeq System is an ideal NGS workflow solution for many applications commonly performed by molecular biologists, translational researchers in oncology, and molecular pathologists.

Announcing the MiniSeq benchtop sequencing system #JPM16

— Illumina (@illumina) January 11, 2016

MiniSeq is an ideal NGS workflow solution for molecular biology, translational oncology, molecular pathology research #JPM16

— Illumina (@illumina) January 11, 2016

MiniSeq is an ideal NGS workflow solution for molecular biology, translational oncology, molecular pathology research #JPM16

— Illumina (@illumina) January 11, 2016

In addition to the MiniSeq, Illumina offered hints about their new sequencing technology, Project Firefly, Sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry on a semiconductor chip, with data similar to HiSeq X. Illumina expects to commercialize Project Firefly in the second half of 2017.

Illumina also previewed a new sequencing system designed to democratize NGS and truly enable the adoption of genomics worldwide. The highly-reliable, easy-to-use NGS platform will offer customers a low capital cost and plug and play installation. The most integrated sequencer ever developed, the system will take users from purified DNA to answers, making it the ideal tool for virtually any laboratory. The stackable two module system will minimize hands-on time for both library preparation and sequencing. Leveraging Illumina digital fluidics technology, the first module will make library preparation simple and efficient preparing eight normalized samples in parallel on a library preparation cartridge. A separate cartridge for sequencing, loaded into the second module, will deploy a one channel version of Illumina’s sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry on a semiconductor chip. Sequencing data will seamlessly move to BaseSpace for analysis.

The new system will be superior to competing semiconductor-based sequencing systems with a raw error rate of less than one percent, data quality comparable to that of a HiSeq XTM Sequencing System. With output of approximately 1.2G per run, the platform will be ideal for numerous markets including academic research, oncology, infectious disease, inherited disease, and reproductive health.

Illumina expects to commercialize this system in the second half of 2017, priced at less than $30,000 USD for both modules. For customers running eight samples at once, the company projects per-sample consumable pricing near $100.

$ILMN to launch new hand held sequencing platform – Project Firefly – based on CMOS tech. Output >1G, accuracy = HiSeqX @ $30K #jpm16

— Gautam Kollu (@gautamkollu) January 11, 2016


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