AGBT 2016 Link Roundup #AGBT16

AGBT 2016, the four days of genomics fun ended over the last weekend  For the first time, AGBT had designated three official bloggers (James Hadfield, Dale Yuzki, Meredith Salisbury,) blogging during the conference. James Hadfield of CoreGenomics blog was prolific with over 12 blog posts during the conference. Here is a link round-up covering blog posts, slides,  and storified tweets.

Chime in with any missing links.

CoreGenomics Blog

Omics Omics  Blog

Dale Yuzki

I had two blogs related to AGBT 2016.

PacBio’s AGBT 2016 was streamed live at PacBio Blog and the recording is available here

Slides/Posters from AGBT 2016

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