AGBT 2017 Agenda is Here

AGBT 2017 Agenda

AGBT 2017 Agenda

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting, one of the premiere events focusing on genomic technology, which starts on 13th February, has announced the full agenda for the meeting. The schedule looks exciting and seems to be as usual and here is some of the talks to look forward to.

  1. ANDREW ADEY, Oregon Health & Science University “Construction of thousands of single cell genome sequencing libraries using combinatorial indexing”
  2. JOCHEN WEILE, University of Toronto “Building a functional atlas of all possible human disease gene variants”
  3. YUSUKE GOTO, HITACHI LTD., Research & Development Group “Solid-state Nanopore DNA sequencing: Single-nucleotide discrimination and bidirectional DNA translocation”
  4. CHRISTOPHER WHELAN, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, Broad Institute “Exploring 50 whole genomes with linked read technology”
  5. DEANNA CHURCH, 10X Genomics “More complete genome analysis”
  6. CHRISTINA FAN, BD “Application of high throughput single cell transcriptomics for analysis of rare populations present in bronchoalveolar lavage samples”
  7. DANIEL NEAFSEY, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard “A community effort using multiple technologies to produce a dramatically improved genome assembly of the Zika virus mosquito vector”
  8. CHRISTIAN MATRANGA, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT “Genomic survey of origin and transmission of Zika virus in the Americas”
  9. MARK DEPRISTO, Verily Life Sciences “Mastering variant calling of SNPs and small indels with deep neural networks”
  10. EVAN MAXWELL, Regeneron Genetics Center, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals “Detection and analysis of copy number variation and aneuploidy from 100,000 exomes”
  11. MICHAEL SCHATZ, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Johns Hopkins University “Personalized phased diploid genomes of the EN-Tex samples”
  12. PREYAS SHAH, 10x Genomics “Local assemblies from one library drive completeness of diploid genomes”
  13. GIUSEPPE NARZISI, New York Genome Center “Lancet: somatic variant calling using localized colored DeBruijn graphs”
  14. JIMMIE YE, University of California, San Francisco “Multiplexing droplet-based single cell RNA-seq using “genetic barcodes”
  15. RAHUL SATIJA, New York Genome Center “Drop-seq analysis of early fate decisions in human hematopoiesis”
  16. THEODORE DAVIS, New England Biolabs “APOBEC-Seq: An enzymatic method for methylome analysis at single-base resolution without bisulfite treatment”
  17. CHRISTOPHER MASON, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine “DNA sequencing, genome assembly, and epigenetics on the international space station”
  18. Untitled talks from Daniel MacArthur, John Marioni and Jared Simpson.

Check the pdf file of the full AGBT 2017 here.

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