Illumina’s announces new sequencers: NovaSeq Series


Illumina launches new sequencers : NovaSeq Series

Illumina announced new sequencers, NovaSeq 5000 and 6000, that could potentially reduces the cost of human genome sequencing to $100 in the future. The NovaSeq sequencing systems, which are built from the ground up, offers scalability and flexibility for any type of sequencing, either large scale or targeted sequencing.

NovaSeq 5000 and 6000

NovaSeq 5000 System can generate up to 2 Tb and 1.6 B reads of data in ~2.5 days. And the more powerful NovaSeq 6000 System can produce data up to 6 Tb and 20 billion (B) reads in ~2 days.

The NovaSeq 5000 and 6000 Systems are priced at $850,000 and $985,000 respectively. Needless to say, both have lower per sample consumable costs for most sequencing applications. The NovaSeq 6000 will begin shipping in March 2017 and NovaSeq 5000 will begin shipping mid-2017.

NovaSeq flowcells

The scalability and flexibility of these NovaSeq systems are partly enabled by Illumina’s new set of flowcells NovaSeq S1, S2, S3, and S4. Both the systems can work with either one or two flow cells.

The flowcell NovaSeq  S1 and S2 work with both NovaSeq 5000 and 6000 systems and S1 generates similar data output as Illumina’s HiSeq 2500 machines. And the NovaSeq flowcell S2 generates similar data output as Illumina’s Hiseq systems (~3 billion reads per flowcell). However, the flowcell NovaSeq S3 and S4 works only with NovaSeq 6000 alone and can produce much larger amount of data. NovaSeq S3 flowcell can generate 7 billion reads per flow cell and  NovaSeq S4 can generate 10 billion reads per flow cell.

NovaSeq Flowcells S1, S2, S3, S4

Performance of NovaSeq with NovaSeq Flowcells S1, S2, S3, S4

In case if you are wondering about read lengths, they are pretty similar to the existing Illumina machines. NovaSeq 5000 and 6000 can do 2 x 50, 2×100, and 2 x 150 using flow cells S1 and S2.

NovaSeq Flow Cell Specs

NovaSeq Flow Cell Specs

Read more about the tech specs of NovaSeq here.

Announcing the new sequencing systems at this year’s JPM, Illumina highlighted that

  • With the ability to choose from 4 different flow cell types, output can be configured to match your application and project. One, or two, independently operated flow cells can be easily loaded into place to fit your evolving needs
  • Automated onboard cluster generation significantly minimizes hands-on time and reduces run variability.
  • And with proven SBS chemistry over a decade in the making, you’ll get data quality you can trust—making the possibilities for discovery endless.

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