RECOMB 2017 Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2017, 21st Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, one of the computational biology conferences to be held at Hong Kong from 3rd-7th May 2017 has announced the list of accepted papers.  (If you are fooled about the RECOMB location by the RECOMB site hosted at MIT, you are not alone :-))

Here are some interesting papers from the list of accepted papers (some of them with very interesting titles).

  1. Benedict Paten, Adam Novak, Erik Garrison, Eric Dawson and Glenn Hickey. Superbubbles, Ultrabubbles and Cacti
  2. Guillaume Holley, Roland Wittler, Jens Stoye and Faraz Hach. Dynamic Alignment-free and Reference-free Read Compression
  3. David Haussler, Maciej Smuga-Otto, Benedict Paten, Adam Novak, Sergei Nikitin, Maria Zueva and Miagkov Dmitrii. A flow procedure for the linearization of genome variation graphs
  4. Yaron Orenstein, Ryan Kim, Polly Fordyce and Bonnie Berger. Joker de Bruijn: sequence libraries to cover all k-mers using joker characters
  5. Chen Sun, Robert Harris, Rayan Chikhi and Paul Medvedev. Allsome Sequence Bloom Trees
  6. Joshua Welch, Alexander Hartemink and Jan Prins. E Pluribus Unum: United States of Single Cells
  7. Dan Deblasio and John Kececioglu. Boosting alignment accuracy by adaptive local realignment
  8. Elior Rahmani, Regev Schweiger, Liat Shenhav, Eleazar Eskin and Eran Halperin. A Bayesian Framework for Estimating Cell Type Composition from DNA Methylation Without the Need for Methylation Reference
  9. Alexander Shlemov, Sergey Bankevich, Andrey Bzikadze, Yana Safonova and Pavel Pevzner. Reconstructing antibody repertoires from error-prone immunosequencing datasets
  10. Ashok Rajaraman and Jian Ma. Towards Recovering Allele-specific Cancer Genome Graphs
  11. Chirag Jain, Alexander Dilthey, Sergey Koren, Srinivas Aluru and Adam Phillippy. A Fast Approximate Algorithm for Mapping Long Reads to Large Reference Databases
  12. Brad Solomon and Carl Kingsford. Improved Search of Large Transcriptomic Sequencing Databases Using Split Sequence Bloom Trees
  13. Ardalan Naseri, Xiaoming Liu, Shaojie Zhang and Degui Zhi. Ultra-fast Identity by Descent Detection in Biobank-Scale Cohorts using Positional Burrows–Wheeler Transform
  14. Michael Leung, Andrew Delong and Brendan Frey. Inference of the Human Polyadenylation Code
  15. Sudipto Mukherjee, Mark Chaisson, Sreeram Kannan and Evan Eichler. Resolving multicopy duplications de novo using polyploid phasing
  16. Yuchun Guo, Kevin Tian, Haoyang Zeng and David K. Gifford. K-mer Set Memory (KSM) motif representation enables accurate prediction of the impact of regulatory variants
  17. Victoria Popic, Volodymyr Kuleshov, Michael Snyder and Serafim Batzoglou. GATTACA: Lightweight metagenomic binning using Kmer Counting

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