Oxford Nanopore Introduces SmidgION at London Calling 2016

London Calling 2016, the two-day conference on all things Nanopore sequencing organized by Oxford Nanopore has started today. Here are storified tweets from Clive Brown’s ( CTO of Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd) plenary talk, one of the most anticipated talks at London calling. One of the biggest highlights from the talk is SmidgION, the smallest […]

2016 Biology of Genomes Accepted Talks and Posters Announced

The Biology of Genomes 2016, one of the annual genomics conferences organized at and by Cold Spring Harbor Lab, NY just announced the list of accepted talks and posters. The BOG 2016, starts on 10th May and ends on 14th May 2016, has over 45 talks and over 290 posters on all things genomics. Here […]

Oxford Nanopore Updates: Reveals the nanopore used in Nanopore devices

Storified tweets from Oxford Nanopore’s technology focus Google hangout by Clive Brown.  Briefly, Oxford Nanopore revealed the pore it uses in its devices. It is not MSP pore. :) It is using CsgG pore from E.coli. And it is using heavily engineered CsgG with over 700 mutations (with license) to make it a better pore […]

Illumina Sues Oxford Nanopore

In case you missed it, Illumina announced that it is Oxford Nanopore Technologies for violating Illumina’s two patents on nanopore sequencing in Oxford Nanopore’s MinION and PromethION devices. Illumina press release says that The lawsuits are based on U.S. Patent Nos. 8,673,550 and 9,170,230, which are entitled “MSP NANOPORES AND RELATED METHODS.”Illumina has exclusively licensed the […]

AGBT 2016 Link Roundup #AGBT16

AGBT 2016, the four days of genomics fun ended over the last weekend  For the first time, AGBT had designated three official bloggers (James Hadfield, Dale Yuzki, Meredith Salisbury,) blogging during the conference. James Hadfield of CoreGenomics blog was prolific with over 12 blog posts during the conference. Here is a link round-up covering blog posts, slides,  and storified tweets. […]