AGBT 2013 Highlights and Link Roundup

The 14th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT 2013 #AGBT13) meeting held in Marco Island, Florida is over today after four days of all things genomics. Unlike the last few editions, there was not high expectation this year, but almost everyone expected to see more evidence of genome sequencing making big inroads into […]

Ion Torrent to Launch Ion P2 in Mid 2013: Jonathan Rothberg at AGBT 2013

Jonathan Rothberg, CEO of Ion Torrent, announced in a talk at AGBT 2013 that Ion Torrent’ PII chip will be available in mid 2013.  Initially, Ion Proton II was slated to be available in early 2013. During the launch Ion Proton PII chip will produce 32 Gb output at 100bp read length. By the time […]

Illumina Makes its Posters at AGBT 2013 Available

Missing the action at AGBT 2013 and want to know what is Illumina sequencing technology up to? Illumina has created special website for AGBT and shared a lot of interesting information. The Illumina website titled “Seek The Truth” has lot of information on Illumina technology and its usage.  As a rebuttal to a recent report […]

AGBT 2013 First Day Link Roundup

The much anticipated 14th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT 2013) started yesterday evening at Marco Island, Florida. If you missed the action in the last few days, here is the list of links previewing AGBT 13 and first day’s proceedings of AGBT 2013. AGBT 2013 Preview Nature’s Erika Check Hayden on Gene sequencing leaves the laboratory: Maturing technology speeds […]

AGBT 2013: Less Than A Week To Go

AGBT 2013, the biggest sequencing technology conference, is about take off in less than a week’s time at the balmy Marco Island, Florida. AGBT starts on  20th February and ends on 23rd February 2013. What to expect at this year’s AGBT? Unlike the last three years of AGBT conferences, this year AGBT 2013 seems little subdued. In […]