NGS in Critical Care: A Feel Good Story

Joe DeRisi from UCSF gave a talk at AGBT 2014 on the use of Next-Gen Sequencing technology in critical care as an example.  It is a great story, but did not get much attention in social media immediately as the talk happened to be on the same day as Oxford Nanopore data talk by David […]

AGBT 2014 Link Roundup

The much anticipated AGBT 2014 event is over. One of the highlights of this year’s AGBT is that one could see a glimpse of Oxford Nanopore data. In addition, Oxford Nanopore announced the lucky researchers who will get their hands on MinION sequencers soon through its first wave of early access program. At AGBT, as […]

Oxford Nanopore Data and MinION: Valentines Day’s Gift to Genome Enthusiasts

It looks like genome enthusiasts have got a nice Valentine’s Days gift from Oxford Nanopore today. Oxford Nanopore have started announcing the lucky participants who will be receiving their Oxford MinION as part of the Oxford Nanopore’s early access program. It is not clear, how many labs were given the early access to MinION. I’ve […]

A First Look at the Use Oxford Nanopore Reads AGBT 2014

The much awaited talk by David Jaffe at AGBT 2014 on using Oxford Nanopore long sequence data just got over. And the twitter is filled with live updates from AGBT for awesome live tweeters. For those who were not in AGBT and not following it live,  here is storified version of David Jaffe’s talk. [Update:] […]

PacBio Releases 54x Coverage Human Genome Data

Just ahead of the upcoming AGBT 2014 at Marco Island Florida, PacBio released 54 x coverage  human genome sequence data for public use.  The new PacBio data was generated by using its P5-C3 sequencing chemistry on a well-studied human haploid cell line (CHM1htert).  PacBio unveiled P5-C3 chemistry in 2013 fall and it produces sequence data of read lengths greater […]