ASHG 2015 Talks and Slides

ASHG 2015, one of the biggest Genetics/Genomics conference is underway in Baltimore. A number of ASHG 2105 participants have shared their talk/poster slides on twitter/web. Here is an attempt to collate the available slides. Please feel free to tweet @nextgeseek for any missing talks. If you ever thought you will never see “Time Dilation and […]

PacBio Announces A New Sequencer: PacBio Sequel

In case you missed it, Last week, PacBio – the leader in long-read sequencing technology, announced that it is launching a new sequencer Sequel.  Announcing the Sequel, just a few days before the start of this year’s ASHG conference at Baltimore, PacBio said it will showcase Sequel at the 2015 ASHG meeting. The Sequel system […]

Oxford MinION at ASHG 2014: Updates on MinION and PromethION

It is almost two years ago at ASHG 2012, Oxford Nanopore showed off Oxford MinION at ASHG 2012. Almost a year ago at ASHG 2013, Oxford Nanopore  let a few selected researchers try out sequencing by MinION.  Oxford Nanopore is back to ASHG this year at San Diego and announced a few updates and formally […]

ASHG 2013 Summary

It is more than a week since ASHG 2013 ended. Among the many interesting sessions and talks over four days of fun, here is a quick summary of a few of the talks that stood the “Remember me after a week” test. There are already a few nice summaries of ASHG 2013 by @massgenomics and […]

ASHG 2013: A First Timer’s Reflection Through A Tinted Glass

Still dazed at the size of ASHG 2013. ASHG 2013 was big. Everyone knows this. But for a first timer, the size does come at you everything you see. I guess the official number of registrants was around 6570, smaller than last year’s count , but way bigger than any conference I ever attended. A […]