Illumina to Expand its Reach in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Across Europe

Illumina today announced that it has signed separate agreements with three companies,Biomnis, Genoma, and the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics Martinsried, to expand its reach Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing in Europe. Under the agreement, these companies will uses Illumina’s HiSeq 2500, consumables to perform non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Biomnis,a leading medical laboratory testing services […]

Moleculo Technology is Available as TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits

Moleculo synthetic long-read sequencing is now available as a library prep kit called “TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits” from Illumina.  Moleculo was a San Francisco based startup company founded by Stephen Quake’s lab members Michael Kertesz and Dmitry Pushkarev in 2012. Moleculo long-read technology is a combination of library preparation method and computational […]

All Things Illumina Sequencing Methods

Are you interested in learning about all the applications of Illumina Sequencing methods? or a specific non-standard applications of Illumina sequencing? More specifically want to learn about the methods/technology used, related library prep. kits available, pros and cons of the assay? Illumina is out to help you find the right sequencing method and the right […]

Hacking Illumina GA IIx to Study RNA-Protein Interactions

Although RNA-Protein binding is very important in many biological processes, like splicing & many post-transcriptional processes, there are not that many high-throughput assays to study Protein-RNA interactions. Contrast this to the advances in DNA-Protein interactions.  Nature Biotechnology has an interesting paper from Greenleaf group at Stanford, that hacked Illumina GA IIx to study RNA-binding in […]

Illumina’s New v4 Reagent Kits for HiSeq To Enable 1Tb per Run

Illumina launched new V4 reagent kits for HiSeq that will enable more output, faster and cheaper data than the current V3 reagents. The V4 reagent kit can give up to 1Tb output per run in 6 days, compared to about 600 Gb output per run in V3 reagents.  And with the new V4 kit,  a single […]