Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten in the wild at Broad Institute

Almost 50 days after the launch, Broad Institute got hold of its new toy that it ordered. Niall Lennon, the Director of Tech Dev, Clinical Applications and Automation Engineering at the Broad Genomics Platform tweeted cool pictures of HiSeq X Ten. Guess what, Broad’s HiSeq X Ten got a special emblem to tell all that […]

Moleculo Long-reads in action for haplotyping whole human genome

Illumina’s long read sequencing technology, Moleculo, is in action for haplotyping a whole human genome. In a recent paper published in Nature Biotechnology, Stanford team led by Mike Snyder (other authors include the two Moleculo founders) demonstrated the use of Moleculo long-read sequencing technology for haplotyping a whole human genome. Whole-genome haplotyping using long reads and […]

Illumina’s Jay Flatley at #PMWC14: Get Sequence of 1 million cancer patients in next 5 years

Illumina’s Jay Flately said at #PMWC14 that Illumina wants to have the sequence of 1 million cancer patients in a database in the next five years. And one of his personal goal is to make cancer a “chronic” disease within 10 years. Jay Flatley said Illumina support the goals of sharing large population genomic datasets […]

NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (1/24/2014): X inactivation, dplyr, reproducible research skills, and NYGC’s New Toy

A High Resoution Look at  X Chromosome Inactivation Carl Zimmer’s piece on NY Times: Seeing X Chromosomes in a New Light The original paper in Neuron: Cellular Resolution Maps of X Chromosome Inactivation: Implications for Neural Development, Function, and Disease In case you missed it like us: Nature’s last week report on  Regulation: The FDA is overcautious on […]

NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (1/17/2014): Illumina, HiSeq X, NextSeq 500, Roadmaps

What a week for Illumina and sequencing. Illumina launched two sequencers: one for taking over the sequencing in an individual lab and the other for sequencing the world. Actually, the week started with the big news from Regeneron’s plan to sequence 100,000 individuals, But boy, that news was completely washed by Illumina-geddon. NextGenSeek stories to read […]