Ion Torrent to Launch Ion P2 in Mid 2013: Jonathan Rothberg at AGBT 2013

Jonathan Rothberg, CEO of Ion Torrent, announced in a talk at AGBT 2013 that Ion Torrent’ PII chip will be available in mid 2013.  Initially, Ion Proton II was slated to be available in early 2013. During the launch Ion Proton PII chip will produce 32 Gb output at 100bp read length. By the time […]

IonTorrent Sales Beat MiSeq Again: Macquarie Report

IonTorrent beats Illumina’s MiSeq again in the benchtop sequencing machine market, according to the latest report by Macquarie report. BioIT world reporting on the Macquarie’s analysis says that overall the benchtop sequencers market is led by IonTorrent with 62% of the benchtop sequencing market share and MiSeq with the remaining 38% of the market share. IonTorrent’s PGM has […]

Evolution of Next-Gen Sequencing Development

Lex Nederbragt from University of Oslo has a blog post on visualizing the development of Next-gen sequencing capabilities by different technologies.  There are already 27 sequencers from 6 companies. Illumina leads the pack with nine sequencer variations since it acquired Solexa.  Illumina’s read length has gone from 25 to 250 bases in about six years. […]

Comparing Price and Tech. Specs. of Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM, 454 GS Junior, and PacBio RS

Recently multiple groups have compared the performance of current next-gen sequencing technologies.  Independent comparisons of different next-gen sequencing machines have given us a good view of what one can expect from these constantly changing technologies. Apart from performance,  it is also good to know about price and tech. spec. differences – a much easier aspects […]

Comparing the Performance of Three Next-Gen Sequencers; Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM and PacBio RS

The chase to sequence a human genome for $1000 has led many sequencing technology companies to update their sequencers really fast and are coming up sequencers for the mass. One interesting question that everyone interested in next-gen sequencing data wants to ask is what is the best sequencing platform. Although the answer to the question depending […]