Did You Know There Are (At Least) 14 Next-Gen Sequence Technology Companies?

Would you believe there are next-gen sequencing technology companies other than the big players; Illumina, Life Technologies, Roche (454), PacBio, and Oxford Nanopore Technologies? The latest issue of Nature BioTechnology is a special issue on DNA sequencing technology and has a great news feature titled “The battle for sequencing supremacy” by Michael Eisenstein. The article […]

Tips for Next-Gen Sequencing Experiment Design: Randomization

If one aspect of Next-Gen sequencing experiments is missing “big” attention, one can immediately point to “good design principles” for Next-Gen Sequencing experiments. Although, there is a lot of computational/statistical methods are coming up for analyzing Next-Gen Sequencing data, it looks like there are not that many resources for designing NGS experiments. At least it […]

MacroGen Launches Exome Sequencing/Transcriptome Sequencing at a Special Price

MacroGen USA, Rockville MD based Korean biotech company recently launched new Next-Gen Sequencing services for human exome and transciptome is running a special launching price offer till 31st October. Under the special offer, Macrogen will sequence Human Exome 150X coverage and human RNA Seq (transcriptome) of 10GB throughput for $1,999 per sample when more than […]

Illumina Introduces CLIA Certified Rapid Individual Genome Sequencing Service (IGS)

Illumina announced that it will be offering rapid Individual Genome Sequencing (IGS) through its CLIA certified lab with a turn around of just two weeks. Illumina’s Rapid IGS service will be available only through a physician’s order and is designed to help doctors in diagnose and treatment decisions. Illumina claimed that it is the only CLIA-certified, […]

BGI’s New Deep Exome Sequencing Offer

BGI Americas sort of extended its deep exome sequencing offer until September 30, by slightly lowering the price of 100x coverage package and keeping the price of 200X coverage data as the same. The new deep next-gen sequencing offer for 100X exome coverage costs $1649 per sample and it is $150 cheaper than previous promotional […]