Software tools for Oxford Nanopore sequence data

Nature Methods has a nice technology feature on Oxford Nanopore,  MAP program, and the experiences of 1000’s of researchers who were part of Oxford Nanopore’s MAP program. Nanopores: a sequencer in your backpack Among  other interesting things about Nanopore sequencing, it also has a list of software tools developed for analyzing Oxford Nanopore sequence data […]

Nick Loman’s Talk on Nanopore Sequencing Using MinION at #UKGS2014

Nick Loman gave a first-ever talk presenting user generated Nanopore sequencing data from MinION.  (The first-ever look at Oxford Nanopore data, not generated by a user, was seen at last year AGBT .) Oxford Nanopore launched EAP late last year and possibly 100’s of users are part of the program and generating data from MinION. […]

Oxford Nanopore Raises $59 million

Oxford Nanopore announced that it has raised $59 Million (£35 million) from both new and existing investors in the UK, US and mainland Europe. The new investors include The CF Woodford Equity Income Fund managed by Woodford Investment Management LLP. In its last fund raising round in 2013, Oxford Nanopore raised $64 million. With this fresh […]

And So Begins Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore MinION has started reaching the hands the researchers, who were selected for the first wave of Oxford Nanopore’s Early Access Program to try out MinION. And so begins nanopore sequencing experiments. Thanks to Mick Watson and Nick Loman. The lucky researchers started announcing the arrival of spring gift on Twitter. So far, it […]

Oxford Nanopore MinION Gets Ready for Shipping

Here is the latest news on Oxford Nanopore’s MinION early access program. Oxford Nanopore’s MinIONs are getting ready to be shipped to the selected researchers as part of the MinION early access program.  Ewan Birnet, Associate Director at the EMBL-EBI and a consultant at Oxford nanopore tweeted pictures of MinION from Oxford Nanopore HQ. Visiting my […]