Oxford MinION at ASHG 2014: Updates on MinION and PromethION

It is almost two years ago at ASHG 2012, Oxford Nanopore showed off Oxford MinION at ASHG 2012. Almost a year ago at ASHG 2013, Oxford Nanopore  let a few selected researchers try out sequencing by MinION.  Oxford Nanopore is back to ASHG this year at San Diego and announced a few updates and formally […]

Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown’s Talk at #UKGS2014

For all the sequencing enthusiasts, Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown gave a talk today at UK Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics 2014. The abstract of his talk Methods and Devices for DNA/RNA Sequencing Using Nanopores Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore Nanopore based molecular analysis platforms are being commercialized in 2014 after 20 years of background […]

Oxford Nanopore Hints at a New Product PromethION?

It looks like Oxford Nanopore might have just launched a new product called PromethION at 4th Next-Generation Sequencing Conference yesterday at San Diego. There was a single tweet from Chris Mason from Weill Cornell Medical College that said Oxford Nanopore announces plans for the PromethION and it will have 2,000 channels producing data at the […]