Being positive about Oxford Nanopore

In case you missed it, a Japanese team jumped the ship from Oxford Nanopore’s MinION early access program and published a paper and the data giving a negative picture about what Oxford Nanopore sequencing can do. If you are not following Oxford Nanopore, there is a good chance that you can take the paper at […]

Nick Loman’s Talk on Nanopore Sequencing Using MinION at #UKGS2014

Nick Loman gave a first-ever talk presenting user generated Nanopore sequencing data from MinION.  (The first-ever look at Oxford Nanopore data, not generated by a user, was seen at last year AGBT .) Oxford Nanopore launched EAP late last year and possibly 100’s of users are part of the program and generating data from MinION. […]

Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown’s Talk at #UKGS2014

For all the sequencing enthusiasts, Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown gave a talk today at UK Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics 2014. The abstract of his talk Methods and Devices for DNA/RNA Sequencing Using Nanopores Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore Nanopore based molecular analysis platforms are being commercialized in 2014 after 20 years of background […]

Oxford Nanopore Raises $59 million

Oxford Nanopore announced that it has raised $59 Million (£35 million) from both new and existing investors in the UK, US and mainland Europe. The new investors include The CF Woodford Equity Income Fund managed by Woodford Investment Management LLP. In its last fund raising round in 2013, Oxford Nanopore raised $64 million. With this fresh […]

Oxford Nanopore MinION Updates: Poretools, Improved Chemistry, SNP Calling, Scaling up Nanopore Sequencing

After a few quite weeks on the news from Oxford Nanopore front, this week had a flurry of activities on Oxford Nanopore. Just like before, NIck Loman was behind person behind all interesting updates on @nanopore. If you missed all the action. Here is the summary of recent nanopore activities. First, Nick Loman and Aaron […]