PacBio Announces A New Sequencer: PacBio Sequel

In case you missed it, Last week, PacBio – the leader in long-read sequencing technology, announced that it is launching a new sequencer Sequel.  Announcing the Sequel, just a few days before the start of this year’s ASHG conference at Baltimore, PacBio said it will showcase Sequel at the 2015 ASHG meeting. The Sequel system […]

Personal Allele-Specific Transcriptomics by PacBio Long Reads

Just a few weeks ago Mike Snyder’s team at Stanford published an interesting paper on PNAS. Snyder’s team is again at using PacBio long reads to understand and characterize human transcriptome. Defining a personal, allele-specific, and single-molecule long-read transcriptome by Hagen Tilgnera, Fabian Gruberta, Donald Sharon, and Michael P. Snyder In this paper, Tilgner et […]

PacBio Releases 54x Coverage Human Genome Data

Just ahead of the upcoming AGBT 2014 at Marco Island Florida, PacBio released 54 x coverage  human genome sequence data for public use.  The new PacBio data was generated by using its P5-C3 sequencing chemistry on a well-studied human haploid cell line (CHM1htert).  PacBio unveiled P5-C3 chemistry in 2013 fall and it produces sequence data of read lengths greater […]

Long reads of the year 2013

A bit late to the yearly review posts. But here it is. Long Reads of the year 2013. As you can see, this “Long Reads” are slightly different :)  Here we summarize a few “long read” sequence data that got publicly available last year and point to where one can download the data.  They are […]

IDP: Isoform Detection and Prediction Using Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio Sequencing

It has been exactly 5 years and six months since the first paper on RNA-seq came out. In a short span of time RNA-seq technology replaced microarray for gene expression studies and it offers many more new interesting applications. No doubt, RNA-seq has been great. However, if you ever need a good RNA-seq reality check […]