Roche Acquires Genia, a Nanopore Sequencing technology company

Roche announced that it is acquiring Genia, a California based sequencing technology startup company. Genia is founded by Roger Chen, Stefan Roever, Pratima Rao and Randy Davis in 2009 with the goal to move beyond $1000 genome to $100 genome using semiconductor based biological nanopore sequencing.  A 2011 BioIT article on Genia by Kevin Davies describes how […]

NextGenSeek Stories This Week (21/09); Acquisitions, Roche’s New Center, NPR’s $1000 Genome Series, and IgNobel 2012

NextGenSeek’s link roundup presents interesting stories/happenings in Genomics to read this weekend. This week’s NextGenSeek stories are dominated by acquisition news in Genomics. The biggest surprising acquisition news is BGI’s acquisition of CompleteGenomics. Other interesting stories include Illumina’s Acquisition of BlueGnomics, Roche’s New Research facility at New York, and NPR’s three-part “$1000 genome” series. [Update] This […]

Roche to Shut Down NJ R&D Facility and 1000 Jobs to Go

Roche, the swiss based pharma giant announced that it will be closing Nutley NJ R&D unit as part of its R&D restructuring plans.  Roche at Nutley is a 127 acre campus with about 600 scientists working on cancer and metabolic diseases and it is located just 15 miles from New York city.  The shut down […]

Roche Backs Off From Illumina Acquisition Effort

Roche backed off from its hostile bid to acquire Illumina. Roche announced that it is not going to pursue its interest to acquire the leading next-gen sequencing company Illumina. Roche’s defeat came as a result of Illumina’s director gaining control over Illumina’s board. Illumina’s shareholders hareholders voted to re-elect all of Illumina’s directors at the […]

Roche Increases the Offer Price of Illumina

Roche increased its offer price for acquiring Illumina to US$ 51.00 per share from its previous offer of $44.50 per share. The new offer of Roche’s totals about $6.5 Billion compared to the previous offer’s value of $5.7 Billion. Announcing the increases in Roche’s offer, Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche, said that Based on our […]