Feedback on the List of Tweeters to Follow for Genomics

The new post on the Top N Genome Scientists to Follow on Twitter was received very well with very interesting suggestions and feedback. It was supposed to be a simple update adding few more interesting genome scientists to an outdated list. However, in a span of 24 hours, the post was viewed more than 1,250 […]

Top N Genome Scientists to Follow on Twitter: 2013 Edition

It has been more than a year since posting Top N Genome Scientists to Follow in Twitter.  That was an effort from a twitter newbie wanting to compile a list of genome academic scientists to follow.  No doubt, it was woefully inadequate, a biased list, and badly in need of update all this time. Here is […]

Top N Twitter Accounts (Academic) to Follow For Genomics

If you are interested in science and want to keep up on the latest happenings in science, it is high time to create a twitter account and follow tweets. This is especially true for following the latest in Next-Gen Sequencing/Genomics, where a few top academics are active on Twitter and share their thoughts on Twitter. Their […]