CLC bio Acquires Molegro, a Computational Drug Discovery Company

CLC bio announced that it has acquired Molegro, a drug discovery-software company. Molgro is computational drug discovery company specializes on molecular docking and data mining software. CLC bio is a leading bioinformatics solution provider and offers a number of Genomics workbench for Next-Gen sequencing. CLC bio was founded by Thomas and Bjarne Knudsen, and began […]

Roche Backs Off From Illumina Acquisition Effort

Roche backed off from its hostile bid to acquire Illumina. Roche announced that it is not going to pursue its interest to acquire the leading next-gen sequencing company Illumina. Roche’s defeat came as a result of Illumina’s director gaining control over Illumina’s board. Illumina’s shareholders hareholders voted to re-elect all of Illumina’s directors at the […]

Life Technologies Introduces The Benchtop Ion Proton I: Human Genome Sequencing for $1000

Life Technologies pushed the envelope on our ability to sequence fast, cheap, and more with the new Genome Sequencer Ion Proton. The BenchTop Ion Proton is designed to sequence a human genome in just one day for just $1,000. The new Ion Proton is based on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology just like […]