DNA.land: Enabling Crowd Sourced Genomic Research

DNA.land, a new webservice enabling crowdsourced genomic research, was launched by a team led by Yaniv Erlich and Joe Pickrell from NYGC  at this year’s ASHG. The new site enables anyone to share their genetic data with an “easy to understand consent form”, learn more about their genome and help scientists use the genetic data […]

ASHG 2015 Talks and Slides

ASHG 2015, one of the biggest Genetics/Genomics conference is underway in Baltimore. A number of ASHG 2105 participants have shared their talk/poster slides on twitter/web. Here is an attempt to collate the available slides. Please feel free to tweet @nextgeseek for any missing talks. If you ever thought you will never see “Time Dilation and […]

PacBio Announces A New Sequencer: PacBio Sequel

In case you missed it, Last week, PacBio – the leader in long-read sequencing technology, announced that it is launching a new sequencer Sequel.  Announcing the Sequel, just a few days before the start of this year’s ASHG conference at Baltimore, PacBio said it will showcase Sequel at the 2015 ASHG meeting. The Sequel system […]

kallisto paper summary: Near-optimal RNA-seq quantification

In case you missed it, kallisto, the new RNA-seq quantification method from Lior Pachter‘s group, was one of the biggest highlights from this year’s The Biology of the Genomes conference. kallisto team made the kallisto software immediately available and the preprint describing kallisto was available at arXiv pretty soon after the #BOG15. Near-optimal RNA-Seq quantification, Nicolas Bray, […]

Oxford Nanopore CTO Clive Brown’s Talk at London Calling: MinION ASIC, volTRAX, promethION

Oxford Nanopore is organising its first conference, a two day event) on all things nanopore in London, aptly named as London Calling. Among the many interesting talks , the most anticipated talks is from Oxford Nanopore CTO Clive Brown’s talk announcing the future things to expect from Oxford Nanopore. The talk did not seem to […]