Pathway Genomics and 23andMe Team with Harvard and U. Michigan to Address the Impact of Personal Genomic Tests

Pathway Genomics and 23andMe, the consumer genomics companies, have teamed up with Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and University of Michigan to study the impact of personal genomics studies. The impact of personal genomics study named PGen, hopes to throw more light on the expectations of consumers of personal genomic services, their motivations […]

23andMe Reduces DNA Testing Kit Prize and Removes Subscription Plan

23andMe the personal genomics company based in California announced that it is modifying its pricing structure for its genetic test kit. The biggest upshot is that 23andMe’s personal genomic service prize is just one time $299, instead of fixed one time payment plus monthly subscription of $9 for a year. 23andMe is saying that the […]

lllumina’s HiSeq 2500 and HiSeq1500: What Can They Sequence?

The high-throughput sequencing leader Illumina launched HiSeq 2500/1500, as an update from its earlier version of high-throughput sequencer HiSeq 2000/1000, in early this year. Illumina’s HiSeq 2500/1500 expected to be available sometime in the summer 2012. And this post is part of a series of posts looking at the Next-generation or Second generation high throughput […]

The Best Benchtop Next-Gen High-Throughput Sequencer: MiSeq or Ion Torrent PGM or 454 GS Junior?

Next-gen benchtop genome sequencers are here from the three major sequencing vendors Illumina, Ion Torrent (Life Technologies), and Roche. Illumina has MiSeq, Life Technologies has Ion Torrent PGM, and Roche has 454 GS Junior. These benchtop genome sequencers promise to bring the sequencing to individual labs by cutting down the size and the cost. But, […]

Roche Backs Off From Illumina Acquisition Effort

Roche backed off from its hostile bid to acquire Illumina. Roche announced that it is not going to pursue its interest to acquire the leading next-gen sequencing company Illumina. Roche’s defeat came as a result of Illumina’s director gaining control over Illumina’s board. Illumina’s shareholders hareholders voted to re-elect all of Illumina’s directors at the […]