Roche Increases the Offer Price of Illumina

Roche increased its offer price for acquiring Illumina to US$ 51.00 per share from its previous offer of $44.50 per share. The new offer of Roche’s totals about $6.5 Billion compared to the previous offer’s value of $5.7 Billion. Announcing the increases in Roche’s offer, Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche, said that Based on our […]

NIH and Amazon Makes 1000 Genomes Project Data available on Amazon Cloud

NIH and Amazon announced that the biggest genomic data from the 1000 genomes project is publicly available from Amazon Cloud services (AWS). The 1000 Genomes Project was announced in January 2008, is an international collaborative effort to create a new map of the genetic variations in human genome across multiple human populations in the world. […]

Roche Paints a Gloomy Picture of Illumina and Reaches to Illumina Share Holders

Roche is slowly making its moves to acquire Illumina. And this time just ahead of Illumina’ share holders annual meeting (to be held on 18 APRIL 2012), Roche has filed its definitive proxy statement. Roche has also written a letter to the shareholders of Illumina, which paints a gloomy future for Illumina without Roche and […]

Free 23andMe Genotyping from OpenSNP- A Crowd Sourced Genomics Effort

OpenSNP, the crowd sourced open genomics effort, announced that it will choose a number of individuals for free 23andMe genotyping if you are willing to share the data to the public (and from underrepresented countries). It is very well known that the available genomic data resources are biased towards populations originated from Europe. It nicely […]

Roche Is Disappointed at Illumina’s Rejection, But Does Not Back Off

Roche is disappointed at Illumina’s decision to reject Roche’s unsolicited offer to acquire Illumina for 5.7 billion.  However, Roche does not seem to back off from its interests in acquiring Illumina and wants to negotiate with Illumina at any time.   Reacting to Illumina’s rejection , Roche’s  CEO Severin Schwan said We are disappointed that Illumina’s […]