Roche Is Disappointed at Illumina’s Rejection, But Does Not Back Off

Roche is disappointed at Illumina’s decision to reject Roche’s unsolicited offer to acquire Illumina for 5.7 billion.  However, Roche does not seem to back off from its interests in acquiring Illumina and wants to negotiate with Illumina at any time.   Reacting to Illumina’s rejection , Roche’s  CEO Severin Schwan said We are disappointed that Illumina’s […]

Illumina Rejects Roche’s Hostile Take Over Bid

Illumina rejected outright the unsolicited to proposal by Roche to acquire Illumina for $5.7 Billion. In a press release today, Illumina announced that it is rejecting Roche take over offer because it is inadequate and is undervalued. In the letter to SEC filing Illumina cited the three main reasons for rejecting Roche’s hostile offer are […]

23andMe DNA Kit Unboxing Photos

23andMe offered a special discount on its test kit during the holiday season. Instead of the regular $99 plus $9 per month for a year, 23andMe offered a $23 discount.  The special offer could not be refused and became a nice holiday gift.  The kit came in a nice small package, the box was actually […]

Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics Inc.To Commercialize Synthetic Genes

Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) announced that it is joining hands with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) the leading supplier of oligonucleotides to manufacture, market, and commercialize synthetic gene products.  In a press release, Synthetic Genomics said that SGI and IDT wil construct synthetic, double-stranded nucleic acids of size up to 5 kb. SGI was […]

Oxford Nanopore Technologies To Unveil DNA Strand Sequencing This Month

The Oxford Nanopore Technologies, a spin-out company from the University of Oxford, announced that it will unveil DNA Strand sequencing at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Marco Island, Florida on 17th Feb and will commercialize the Strand sequencing technology within 2012. The Oxford Nanopore Technogies’ CTO Clive G Brown, will […]