NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (1/24/2014): X inactivation, dplyr, reproducible research skills, and NYGC’s New Toy

A High Resoution Look at  X Chromosome Inactivation Carl Zimmer’s piece on NY Times: Seeing X Chromosomes in a New Light The original paper in Neuron: Cellular Resolution Maps of X Chromosome Inactivation: Implications for Neural Development, Function, and Disease In case you missed it like us: Nature’s last week report on  Regulation: The FDA is overcautious on […]

23andMe Stops Offering Health Risks Information

23andMe acts on FDA’s warning letter by suspending health risk information service to its customers and will offer only ancestry information. The new policy is valid for customers who bought 23andMe’s Personal Genome Service on or after November 22, 2013, the date of the Warning Letter from the FDA. However, the customers who bought kits before November […]

FDA vs 23andMe: Link Round Up

What a difference a year has made for 23andMe. For the last Thanksgiving 23andMe was busy surprising the users visiting 23andMe site randomly by lowering the 23andMe kit price randomly (to as low as $49). Remember, then 23andMe kit costed $299. And by the second week of December, 23andMe raised $50M in funding and dropped […]

23andMe Launches its First TV Ad Acampaign to Reach the Mass

In an effort to reach to the mass (And its goal of a million customers), not just early enthusiastic adapters, 23andMe launched its first ad for TV. The new ad runs for about a minute and has real people who took 23andMe’s personal genetic test sharing their experience. Launching its first TV ad, Andy Page […]

A Brief Look at 2012 Acquisitions; Illumina, Life Technologies, and 23andMe

What a difference a year makes for Illumina. Unlike last year, Illumina has started this year on a strong foot; Roche chief says Illumina is not a must have, but nice to have and Illumina announces the acquisition of Verinata Health, a non-invasive prenatal testing company. The year 2012 was a busy year for many personal […]