Is Perfect Assembly Possible? Gene Myers’ Talk at #AGBT15

Gene Myers gave a talk title “Is Perfect Assembly Possible?” in a talk at PacBio workshop at AGBT15. The first half of his talk addressed theoretical aspects of the question “Is Perfect Assembly possible?”. Most of the content is basically from Gene Myers’ first blog post written after AGBT 2014 and the “tweet-theorem”. Thm: Perfect assembly […]

Craig Venter’s Talk at AGBT 2015

Craig Venter gave a talk at AGBT 2015 at PacBio workshop and PacBio live streamed the workshop on it blog Here is storifoed tweets from Craig Venter’s talk. [View the story “Craig Venter’s Talk at #AGBT15” on Storify]

AGBT 2015 Starts Today- A Preview

AGBT 2015, one of the biggest genomics conferences starts today. The four-day event at the usual Marco Island covers a variety of genomics topics including Genomic Technologies, Clinical Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, and Transcriptomics. It is not an exaggeration to say that the expectations from the last few AGBT years has been mostly about Oxford Nanopore, with […]