Oxford Nanopore’s MinION and GridION in the Wild at ASHG 2012

The much hyped Oxford Nanopore’s technology’s MinION and GridION is on the display at Oxford nanopore’s booth at ASHG 2012. Oxford Nanopore launched sequencing devices GridION and MinION early this year at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference (AGBT 2012). Oxford Nanopore’s MinION is a miniaturized disposable sequencing device of the size of a […]

ASHG 2012: Human Genetics Becomes “Next-Generation Human Genomics”

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)’s 62nd Annual Meeting is kicking off in a week (Tuesday, November 6 ) in San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone Center.  The five day conference covers the latest on all aspects of human genetics research. Among many interesting things to look for at the conference (like the Illumina MiSeq winners), […]